Chapter 355 - Embarrassing Manager Feng

Chapter 355: Embarrassing Manager Feng

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Fu Jiu put her arm on Qin Mo’s shoulder, and said with a smile in her voice. “Now that Sakura Stream doesn’t want their top player any more, Brother Mo, we can poach him. What do you think?”

Qin Mo said lightly, “En.” He looked at that manager. “How much? Yamaguchi is a heavyweight player and should not be cheap. You can quote the price casually. If I can invite him, the Supreme Alliance will be pleased.”

This, was this directly talking about the money?

That manager actually couldn’t see why Yamaguchi was worth poaching, and opened his mouth, stunned.

No one was more shocked than Yamaguchi.

He raised his head and looked at his former opponent, his eyes shaking violently.

He was bitterly disappointed when the manager blamed him in front of so many people.

He originally thought the players who he had coached would speak up for him.

But… no one.

That feeling of being abandoned was so strong that he didn’t even want to say a word.

All he could say was that the past years were different.

He still remembered when they were playing games in the past, that bunch of old friends lost and would find the reason, then after finding the reason, they would eat sushi and drink sake.

But all his old friends had left. He didn’t want to go. He thought he could still play. He wanted to stay, because he liked it.

Today proved that he was still too naive.

Just when he thought he was about to be overwhelmed by this sense of powerlessness, to his surprise, the people that stood up to speak out for him, were his opponent Qin Mo and… that silver-haired youngster who Shuji had shouted about wanting to teach.


This was enough.

Yamaguchi stood up, like he was performing an important task. “I’m sorry. I refuse. I still want to play this game against the Supreme Alliance, seriously playing this game. However, I will not stay in Sakura Stream. I will go to a better squad, one that deserves me.”

When he said these words, his eyes were bright. The more he respected his opponent, the more evident this attitude was.

Qin Mo looked at him, an only said six words in a light voice, “I will wait for your return. ”

Then, he turned away.

As for the reactions of the manager and the members of Sakura Stream, he didn’t care at all.

Fu Jiu was still laughing, and she gently said one sentence, “If my Brother Mo had no respect for Yamaguchi , he would have already killed you in seconds one by one. Guys, before teaching people, take a look at your record. Have you seen the assists? And your captain Yamaguchi destroyed our two defense towers on the road. If not in order to defend the troublemakers under your leadership, he would have destroyed our last defense tower. You don’t understand, why don’t you ask more questions, and don’t let yourself look at how… you have no common sense.”

Without Fu Jiu’s words, the fans of Sakura Stream wouldn’t know what was going on.

Having heard this reason, they all understood.

There were quite a few old fans who immediately stood up.

They looked at Yamaguchi with passionate eyes. “Yamaguchi, we’ll go wherever you go!”

Not many people, but it was enough to shake people’s hearts.

It was not only Yamaguchi who was touched by this, but also Yin Wuyao.

They had been able to hold on until now, apart from the fact that it was their dream, but also because the people supporting them were still there.

It was just a little bit difficult, however, as long as there were these people, they would have the motivation to continue on!

But on akura Stream’s side, those fans also said, “We will no longer come back, no longer watch any competitions of Sakura Stream, no longer buy tickets for competitions around us to support you, because you are so cold.”