Chapter 357 - Show Off Affection

Chapter 357: Show Off Affection

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It wasn’t that he was didn’t feel jealous.

He just knew that, his position was not there.

Yamaguchi looked at the way that the Supreme Alliance got along from afar, and his eyes were full of light. He took off his own coat with the Sakura Stream logo and prepared to leave.

The reporter was still there, holding the camera to record the scene.

Sakura Stream’s reputation may be in jeopardy this time.

After the photos were posted online that day, it actually caused a lot of Chinese domestic teams to gather around.

After all, unlike in Tokyo, even though Supreme Alliance did not enter the top four teams in the country, everyone clearly knew in their heart what their strength was.

“Although their ability is strong, it is not as good as Xiangnan.”

This was a very pertinent comment from a retired e-sports player.

No one in Xiangnan responded.

But some of the other team members agreed.

Because just the next day, there was another video on the website about the friendly match between Xiangnan and Sakura Stream.

It was also 5V5. After playing the match, only two people died on Xiangnan’s side, but thirteen people died on their opponent’s side.

Such data fully illustrated how strong a team Xiangnan was.

In contrast, the Supreme Alliance’s results had been less impressive.

“By contrasting the two, it can be seen that there is a gap and that the Supreme Alliance is just a little behind. For example, taking into account the amount of kills, Great Xiao had 7 kills and 10 assists, but Almighty Qin had 3 kills and 10 assists. It seems that his hand injury still has a certain effect on Almighty Qin. Such scores in the national competition would be astonishing if he were an ordinary person, but if it is Almighty Qin, it is not good enough.”

“It seems that the title of national champion this year will be given to Xiangnan again.”

“Yes, looking at the present conditions, it certainly looks like this.”

There would be some people who made comments on the Internet to predict the results in advance, usually based on data analysis.

However, they forgot one thing…

When the Supreme Alliance played with Sakura Stream, Spade Z didn’t appear, but the strong player Yamaguchi on the opponent’s side was still there.

But when Xiangnan played against Sakura Stream, Yamaguchi had already announced his retirement from the club. It was a bit lucky, the opponents didn’t send the strongest squad.

However, it was not certain who would win the national competition.

Because, Xue Yaoyao constantly believed that the youngster sitting in front of her was the key factor for the Supreme Alliance in determining whether they could win the champion title in the national competition or not.

When the plane took off, the blue skies of Tokyo was left behind them.

They brought honor back with them.

This was an experience that Xue Yaoyao had never had before.

Fu Jiu’s position was still near Qin Mo.

Fu Jiu had not found out that the Almighty was a warm man until her eyes had become inflamed, and the Almighty became gentler to her.

Although he would use foul language sometimes, at least he would not mock her intelligence.

The way they got along, more or less made COCO very surprised.

After all, in the beginning, when the captain chased Spade Z, he really wanted to kill the person. No one could imagine that it would become like this…

COCO turned his head to look at the captain, with his handsome profile as he applied eyedrops for Fu Jiu, and thought the world was a little too magical.

Originally, these two people who had unique personalities and were distinctive, generally speaking, would experience conflicts.

Maybe it was just because heroes cherished heroes.

COCO gave himself a convincing excuse and then turned his head away.

He was afraid of seeing too much, which would cause him to think too much.

It was all because the couple jokes in Weibo were written so comprehensively.

It always gave him a sense of immersion.

The sense of immersion was that——whatever the captain and Spade Z did together, he always thought they were showing off affection for each other!