Chapter 358 - Fu Jiu's Skin Was Better Than Girls'

Chapter 358: Fu Jiu’s Skin Was Better Than Girls’

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The two men themselves over there didn’t think much of it.

It was just a matter of personality.

It was relaxing to talk about anything with the right person. So they did not think that it was a display of affection.

With one eye closed, Fu Jiu wanted to avoid that stinging pain.

But Qin Mo casually turned the youngster’s face back and said, “Stop hiding.”

Fu Jiu swore that this was the best time since her eyes had become inflamed.

Actually, it was true. The red blood in her left eye had gone away, and she felt only a little itching in the corner of her eye. If the eye drops hadn’t been dripped into her eyes, she wouldn’t feel the inflammation at all.

Fu Jiu looked well-behaved after the medicine was applied.

After all, she had such stunning looks and hair colour.

Lin Feng looked back, touched his chin, and said, “Have you found that Little Spade’s skin looks very good. This is quite different from ours, and if you look closer, you’ll see that it is very smooth. ”

With this, Ling Feng was about to poke Fu Jiu in her face.

But before his fingertip touched the youngster, it was frozen by a frosty gaze.

Which was very—oppressive.

Lin Feng was petrified. He hadn’t offended the team leader, so why should he look at him like that?

Cloud Tiger was much smarter. He pulled Lin Feng’s wrist back. “Why don’t you drink your soda?”

“Okay.” Lin Feng drank the soda, but his eyes were still fixed on Fu Jiu, whose eyes were closed, “It is too tender, even more tender than girls’.”

After hearing this, Xue Yaoyao suddenly raised her head.

But Fu Jiu just kept her eyes closed and smiled evilly, “Ooh, Brother Lin, please take it easy. As our team beauty, your skin also looks very tender.”

She drew out the sound “Ooh”, which made all the team members laugh.

“That’s right, Lin Feng. Let’s not mention Little Spade, let’s just look at you, you’re also exceedingly beautiful. Haven’t you even received a love letter from a talent in your department? Come on, hand it over and let us have a look.”

“Get out of my way! That idiot, where do I look like a girl? Damn it!”

“From head to foot.” Fu Jiu cut in from the side in a timely manner.

Lin Feng, “…Captain, you better discipline Little Spade!”

Qin Mo glanced at him and replied in a light voice, “No, I won’t.”

Lin Feng was dumbfounded.

And Fu Jiu smiled happily.

Lin Feng turned his head back decisively. Since he couldn’t PK with him in real life, then he would wait for outside help afterwards.

Fu Jiu did behave herself well at the beginning, but after being provoked by Lin Feng, she recovered a little bit of spirit and intended to open her eyes and say something.

Hearing a noise from the side, Qin Mo turned his head and put a hat on the youth’s head. He said in a deep voice that was pleasing to the ear, “Do you plan to make trouble again, huh?”

Fu Jiu leaned back with her lips gently curved, looking like she was very obedient.

Xue Yaoyao on the side was relieved to see this. She was really afraid that the previous topic would be continued.

Highness Jiu’s skin was indeed very good.

Fortunately, it was not rare to see such boys at school.

After all there were many gay men now. Many boys also started to apply skin care products.

But no one was more handsome than Highness Jiu.

Many of them were very feminine.

While Highness Jiu was very handsome, especially when she was fighting with others. Then, the relentless she showed more or less could reduce other people’s doubts about her.

However, how long would such peace last?

When they returned to Jiang City, they would prepare to compete in the national competition.

Which meant that they would go to other cities to participate in the regional competitions in northeast China.

There would be no way for her to avoid sharing a room with someone else.

Others would be okay, but if she shared the room with the Almighty…

Could Almighty Qin stand it once he knew the truth?