Chapter 359 - Distribute Sweets at the Airport

Chapter 359: Distribute Sweets at the Airport

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The team returned to Jiang City.

Fu Jiu had just woken up, with her silver hair still disheveled. She subconsciously rubbed her eye with her left hand while a pure black bag was slung over her right shoulder.

There was intense cheering as soon as the languid and beautiful youngster appeared.

“He is over there!”

“F**k, he’s really my big Spade! It seems that the news was right!”

“Those who want to take a photo with him or take a picture of him, come on, be quick!”

“Where is the Almighty, I want to take a photo of him!”

“I want to photograph them together!”

Completely different from the quietness when the Supreme Alliance left, this time it seemed that someone had got inside information and spread that they would go back home at this time.

So many fans had been waiting for them at the airport since morning.

Anyway, there were only three flights from Tokyo, they would wait until they turned up.

Finally, their hard work paid off.

The girls’ eyes lit up when Fu Jiu came out. Their feelings when they saw about a dozen men behind him wearing the same uniform and walking out like a parade were indescribable.

The girls were very excited, and in an instant, a big group of people rushed in.

Fu Jiu paused and looked back at Qin Mo. What… what happened?

Her slow response time after waking up that made people’s blood boil.

“Looking at the Almighty once something happens, I give full marks to such a look!”

“Is our Spade still confused? He looks dazed. Ha-ha.”

“What do you know, the one underneath always looks like this.”

Hearing someone discuss her in such a way, Fu Jiu slightly hooked up the corners of her lips, moved her long legs and stepped towards the girls over there, which looked very attractive and cool. She said, “Who is the one underneath? Who?”

So aggressive!

There was no one like him who would say this in such a tone!

Fu Jiu hissed to them and said, “Be quiet, or you will affect others. Before the Almighty comes over, I want to secretly say something to you. If you say that the Almighty is the one underneath, I’ll distribute sweets to you.” Fu Jiu looked back as she spoke with a smile still lingering on the corner of her month.

Never had those girls looked at the youth so closely. They used to see her mostly through the photos on the Internet. But even in the videos of her gaming, the most viewed one was the game character. Here, they saw a living Spade Z, who was really handsome and gentle!

What was this feeling of being electrocuted?

And their hearts were beating so fast!

But it was really hard for them to say… say the Almighty was the one underneath.

While those girls were struggling with this dilemma, Qin Mo came over. He dragged the youngster back like a sack without saying a word. After that he shifted his gaze and said to Feng Yi, “I’ll leave this to you.”

“Don’t worry.” Feng Yi’s function as someone who could smooth things over showed up now.

But this time, it was easier to deal with because of the performance of the youth just now.

It was obvious that those girls were still in a state of intoxication…

Seeing this, the aunties in the airport thought they were fans who were picking up their star.

But to their credit, these fans were not like those they saw before, who were either very noisy or fainted due to their enormous excitement. This would cause inconvenience to others and even security guards would be dispatched to maintain the order.

Well, they were good.

And these aunts really regarded Fu Jiu as a star and turned to take a look at the youngster.

They even thought that they could search the TV for shows with this youth when they were available to be watched at home.

It was really a beautiful misunderstanding.

As an ordinary girl, Xue Yaoyao could hardly imagine that what she had seen just now was real.

It was probably due to Fu Jiu’s talk, but those girls didn’t move about anymore. They only shouted together, “Everybody! Come on! ”