Chapter 36

Chapter 36: Where Are You Going, Young Master? Fu Jiu: Meeting Up With Qin Mo~

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The English teacher personally led a round of applause and unprecedentedly showered compliments and recognition on Fu Jiu. Then she asked the other students to learn from Fu Jiu.

Jiang Feiyang’s eyes widened. He thought he was about to witness another joke, but he didn’t expect that this little trash would win the limelight!

Fu Jiu sat down, glanced at him with the corner of her eyes, and curled her thin lips.

That obvious mocking gave Jiang Feiyang the feeling like his face had been slapped until it was swollen.

Also, he didn’t know why, but he thought that Fu Jiu was really good looking!

Was he insane?!

“Okay, students, that is it for today. Class dismissed!”

With that statement from the English teacher, all the students flooded out the classroom.

Fu Jiu grabbed her school bag and threw it on her back. She carried her skateboard underneath her arm and slowly walked through the crowd.

In front of the school building, Chen Xiaodong was already waiting. “Young Master, where are you going? Wait for me!”

Fu Jiu stopped.

Many girls were looking at him while blushing, and they stopped as well.

Chen Xiaodong paused and thought, was he seeing things?

These girls, why were they blushing and acting all shy?

“Young Master,” Chen Xiaodong said in a low voice, “What did you do again! Did you flirt with girls?”

Fu Jiu took her phone out and answered languidly, “Nope.”

“Okay,” Chen Xiaodong said seriously, “I believe you, Young Master. Then, Young Master, where are we going now? You said you need to go to Computer City to get some components?”

He was not sure why, but lately, his young master seemed to be quite into this stuff?

Fu Jiu opened WeChat and looked at the “I’m here” message. She lifted the corner of her mouth. “Before getting some components, I need to meet someone first.”

Chen Xiaodong said “Oh,” and he didn’t know a bomb was about to drop on him soon. “Who?”

“Qin Mo.” Fu Jiu only said two words before walking off.

Chen Xiaodong froze, and his mouth was quivering. His expression was exaggerated to the extreme.

“Young Master, wait, calm down! You would get beaten up into a pulp by Young Master Qin!”

Meanwhile, at the gate of Jiang City No.1 Middle School, a smooth jet-black Hummer was parked at the roadside like a ferocious tiger.

The car plate had a white bottom and red letters, and there were bodyguards standing around the car.

It looked imposing!

But even so, it couldn’t stop the students’ enthusiasm.

“Almighty Qin’s car! AHHH! I’m going nuts!”

Qin Mo was really popular, like some godlike superstar.

As soon as he showed up, people would always start taking pictures.

Regardless of whether they were men or women, as long as they saw him playing games, they would all fall in love with him.

However, no matter how many people crowded up outside, Qin Mo in his Hummer wouldn’t be even the slightest bit moved.

He sat in the backseat. He had a sharp nose and a pretty face. It seemed like he was asleep; his head was resting languidly on one hand, and his other hand was gently laid on his long leg. His narrow eyes were serenely closed, making him look unperturbed.

He suddenly opened his eyes when he received a WeChat notification. Those sinister-looking eyes were like the dark night and seemed to be able to see through the entire world.

Qin Mo unlocked his phone with a swipe, and a line of text showed up. “I’m walking over.”

COCO, who was in the passenger seat, also heard the notification got all excited for no reason.

“I have been playing games for so long, but this is my first time meeting up with an online friend. I wonder what Spade Z looks like? Don’t tell me he’s a burly chap?”

After all, his way of doing things was quite lionhearted!