Chapter 360 - Please Fight On

Chapter 360: Please Fight On

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Such a synchronized noise made the people in the airport unable to help turning their heads back around.

Because this shout was from some good-quality girls with such youthful and determined eyes, people would not think that they were noisy, but instead want to stop and take a look.

In that fan group, there was even someone smiling at Xue Yaoyao, holding up a sign with the word “Yao” on it.

Xue Yaoyao paused. So this was the feeling of being recognized.

For a long time, she was laughed at because of her fatness, poverty, and peculiarity.

Even though she had dreams, she would be laughed at by her neighbors.

In the past, she was always silent in this dark world.

Now… Xue Yaoyao lifted up her head, looking at the straight back walking in front of her.

Sunshine, justice, did they finally come?

Of course, people would take a photo of Fu Jiu and Qin Mo, especially when the two were walking together, and one of them was even being dragged by the other one by the back of his collar.

The Weibo was so adorable, it made people want to cry.

“Does the Almighty plan to pack big Spade up and take him home?”

“Really envy the girls on site! That scene is so loving!”

“Passers-by on site, I only want to say one sentence: Big Spade in the flesh is really handsome! I will never say that Big Spade is the one under! He is the one on the top. I am almost defeated! Come on and add life!”

It was this high popularity that couldn’t be covered up that pressed down the bad words in the past said about Supreme Alliance little by little.

Manager Feng was in this business, so he knew when to play back messages.

Those who didn’t understand the competition situation rashly gave people assessments and said that the Supreme Alliance was afraid of failing to enter the top four in the national competition. But it was not suitable for a team that had won just before to hear such unrealistic judgments.

There did seem to be many problems in the Supreme Alliance

For example, the new members hadn’t fit together. Furthermore, in a real field, some people’s stress capacity had not been tested yet.

But these were not problems for Feng Yi.

For a growing team, the most valuable thing was to keep the original heart.

And Feng Yi believed that as long as Qin Mo was in the Supreme Alliance, they would definitely not lose.

Moreover, they had Spade Z now…

They got out of the airport, and there was a special business car waiting.

When all the members got into the car, the reporters had just reached them.

“What happened?” Lin Feng always felt that there was a bit of unrest in the atmosphere.

Still looking down to reply to the message, COCO heard these, which caused him to check his Weibo. “I think it’s probably because of the comments.”

Glancing over, Lin Feng raised eyebrows. “Did they say we couldn’t compare with Xiangnan? ”

“En, maybe because of the scores this time.”

After COCO said this sentence, all the people in the car saw Xiangnan’s data.

There was a sudden silence.

Fu Jiu leaned back, and looked towards Qin Mo.

There was not a ripple on the face of the Almighty, as if for him, these things would not affect anything.

Fu Jiu smiled. “Take it easy. In terms of appearance, the opponents must lose, and as for the skill… the Almighty only used seventy percent of his fighting force in the battle of Tokyo, so that data can’t be used for reference value.”

“Seventy percent?” Yin Wuyao turned his head and really couldn’t believe it. After all, ten helpers were not easily taken out by just anyone. Why did the little captain say this?

Lin Feng and others also wanted to know where the data came from, and except for Cloud Tiger, all the people raised their heads…