Chapter 361 - Things Would Be Different Later On

Chapter 361: Things Would Be Different Later On

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Fu Jiu leaned back, sounding indifferent, “I played several matches with the Almighty. Brother Mo was always in charge of attacking, and made secondary attacks only when convenient. I think that he only plays secondary attacks to help everyone else, later when I’m playing, the strategy will be changed.”

Is that so?

The Supreme Alliance people looked over. The Captain didn’t refute it, which meant that Little Spade guessed everything correctly.

Fu Jiu felt weird about this and lifted her beautiful eyebrows. “You guys had been playing with the Almighty for two years now, and you don’t even know that the Almighty only uses main attacks?”

Lin Feng and COCO shared a look. Their facial expressions were hard to describe.

Cloud Tiger spoke up: “For the sake of the team’s performance, Captain has been focused on secondary attacks.”

Which meant that the Almighty had never performed with his strongest skills.

As long as the team needed…

After hearing this answer, it wasn’t just Fu Jiu who paused a little, everyone else’s facial expressions also changed!

“You’ve never told me that.” Lin Feng looked over at Cloud Tiger. His eyes were shattering.

Cloud Tiger was very grounded. “I only realized that when I recently watched a match between Captain and Little Spade. Captain is stronger with main attacks.”

Lin Feng wanted to say something, but now he felt that his throat was blocked.

Actually, Captain did so much without telling them.

Qin Mo acted all cool about it: “You seem to be quite touched?”

The Supreme Alliance’s men all nodded simultaneously.

Qin Mo laughed: “If so, then one more hour of hand speed training for all of you per day, prove your gratitude through real actions.”

Lin Feng, Cloud Tiger, COCO, Fatty, etc: …See, you just can’t be too thankful for Captain!!! He’s a businessman after all, an evil capitalist!

“Hold on, people only saw Captain and Little Spade playing unprofessional games, and none of which were recorded, meaning that the other teams’ players won’t know that Captain plays the main attacking position later, is that right?” Lin Feng suddenly had his mind completely straightened out.

Feng Yi sat on the passenger seat, turning back at times, fand finally showed his fox tail: “Now you finally understand why my eyes brightened up when I first saw Little Spade and had to sign him on. His hand speed matches the Almighty’s. You need to keep it as a secret, when the national tournament comes, those people will realize that all of their predictions were bullshit!”

Feng Shang knew his big brother well. His big brother didn’t talk like this normally, but today he was extra talkative…

After knowing the real reason, the Supreme Alliance players all had complicated moods.

For three years, Captain had been asking them to train their hand speed, and this was the reason.

He wanted someone who was fast enough to partner up with him.

But at the end, none of them had the foresight.

Until that young man showed up.

No wonder Captain changed this much.

The people finally resolved the doubts in their mind.

They had been wondering.

Wasn’t Captain a very extreme neat freak?

But Little Spade cured him.

He never touched eye drops before, not to mention others’ eye drops.

If this were before, then they would never even imagined this.

But now… Captain does it so naturally that they were profoundly confused

But, after Manager Feng’s words today, they all understood.

Special talent deserved special treatment…