Chapter 362 - Stir Things Up!

Chapter 362: Stir Things Up!

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Things should stop here.

COCO hesitated for a rather long moment, then said to Qin Mo in a small voice: “The Kali Team people always talked in our favor, Captain, that thing from last time, just forget it…”

Qin Mo didn’t answer, and only gave him a look.

That look made COCO understand that, on this issue, there was nothing to mediate further.

The Kali team was thinking about asking the Supreme Alliance people out for dinner, wanting to give them a proper welcome.

After all, the Supreme Alliance beating Sakura Stream vented their spleen too.

The Kali Team people contacted COCO first, because they all knew each other.

They didn’t expect that COCO would reply: “It’s not convenient.”

That girl was amused: “What’s not convenient, are you feeling ashamed of being taken out to dinner by girls?”

COCO didn’t reply.

The girl sent another text, “Ok, why don’t you treat us, then? Thank us for supporting you on Weibo, how about that?”

We have to buy them dinner for a little support?

COCO felt frustrated. Plus, the Captain had made his attitude clear, that issue from last time was hard to reach reconciliation for.

“You thank the Kali Sisters for me, but we really can’t have dinner together anymore, after all, because of that last time in Tokyo… Let’s leave it to time, and get together later.”

That girl wasn’t happy with this.

“COCO, we do like you, and want to treat you to a good dinner. You are a bunch of guys, how could you reject this invitation from the girls?”

COCO didn’t know how to communicate anymore, so he simply logged out on WeChat.

Who knew if that thing was over yet, that girl was a hot-tempered one. “They rejected us, saying that last time was …”

“I think it’s because of that Young Master Fu.”

“I think so too, exactly how small minded he was? Can’t get over such a small thing.”

“Before, on Weibo, one of his fans said that he shouldn’t try to relate himself to Almighty Qin, I think people were right, this person is disgusting.”

“If not for the fact that they are the Supreme Alliance, I would’ve found people to fix him already, what the heck.”

“The Supreme Alliance people are so mean, we like them so much, and they do this to us.”

In the meantime, Liuli walked over, took a look at them and said in a soft voice: “This thing has nothing to do with the Supreme Alliance people. How was our relationship with the Supreme Alliance before compared to now? Obviously, a lot of outside elements were involved.”

“Captain, don’t you have other solutions? The He Family is doing well now, but even so, it can’t compare with the Third Generation of the Red Army heads.”

Liuli smiled, but didn’t speak. Her deep eyes indicated what she was going to do now, and it was nothing kind.

“Forget it, no need for the Third Generation to help out on this. Some like Spade Z’s operations, some don’t. He’s too brutal in games, if he can’t take comments like this, then why is he playing games still? With the industry like this, you take the blame for what you want. He doesn’t take anything, just wait, he’s gonna be attacked in retaliation.”

When Liuli was saying this, she knew clearly inside.

Some people were very superficial.

This kind of affection was very fragile…