Chapter 363 - Sleep A Fur Ball!

Chapter 363: Sleep A Fur Ball!

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“Don’t we need to do something?” That girl wasn’t convinced.

Liuli didn’t pay attention to her. “If you are really upset, then open a private account to make trouble on Spade Z’s official page. Those young people definitely are not happy about how he dealt with Blackie last time, so they will definitely respond to you.”

“Will this work?”

Liuli laughed, “This bunch of kids. They like people only if they like them back, but complain when they’re being controlled. They won’t care about the truth of the matter, and they must be feeling so wronged. This is your chance to take revenge.”

“What about the Supreme Alliance? Captain, we don’t want to be hated without a reason. Ever since that Spade Z came, things changed, it’s really… I don’t want to talk about it anymore.”

Liuli collected her bag and flipped her hair. ” Don’t worry, if COCO can’t make it happen, we have other options. This misunderstanding will be resolved, just remember to find that person.”

The Kali members all cheered up instantly after hearing this.

They opened three or four private accounts and started to comment on Fu Jiu’s fan page non-stop.

First was a post like this:

“Always focusing on publicity is bad. I like Spade Z a lot and hope that Big Spade can focus on enhancing hand speed, not on chasing Almighty Qin around. This is my personal suggestion, feel free to ignore it, good luck!”

Ten minutes after the post was released, the managing team deleted the post.

Things got bigger when the post got deleted.

Now these people had a real excuse.

“Manager come out, I wanna ask, why did you delete my post?”

This thing was not a big deal at first.

But these words buried worrying seeds for evil comments that would hurt Spade Z.

In the meantime, Fu Jiu just got home, and little butler Chan Xiaodong ran over.

“Young Master!”

Because the little butler’s face was too serious, Fu Jiu lifted her eyebrows, carrying her bag with one hand. “What?”

“You and Almighty Qin… You…” Chen Xiaodong felt that this kind of thing was really embarrassing to bring up. After all, when he was browsing Weibo, he saw that bed photo. “Did you really do it?”

Fu Jiu extended her hand and patted him on the forehead. “Don’t imagine crazy things. Nothing happened, we just went competing.” She threw herself onto the sofa as she said that and looked around. “Where’s Mum?”

Chen Xiaodong covered his forehead, feeling relieved. “Madam’s coming back today. She should be on they way. You know how busy Madam is recently, so many companies want to invest in us, thinking that the He Group has great potential.”

Fu Jiu heard him, shifted slightly, laughed lightly and said, “What about Fu Zhongyi, nothing?”

“Young Master, why do you bring that person up out of nowhere.” Chen Xiaodong looked disgusted by this.

Fu Jiu brought her tea up and sipped at it. “Nothing, just asking.”

If the He Group was doing this well, then the other party would surely make moves. She didn’t believe that her rubbish dad still had emotions for them.

Even if Fu Zhongyi didn’t make a move, that Third would encourage him to do so.

Chen Xiaodong didn’t care. “Who knew why they never showed up for so many days.”

Never showed up?

Fu Jiu lifted her eyebrows, this was not that Third’s usual style of doing things.

Unless she was withholding things, or about to play some dirty tricks…