Chapter 364 - Phone Call From Almighty Qin

Chapter 364: Phone Call From Almighty Qin

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“Young Master, what are you thinking?” Chen Xiaodong tilted his head and asked.

Fu Jiu stood up and pulled her school bag over her shoulder. “Nothing, just going upstairs.”

Chen Xiaodong was confused. Ever since the hospital, the young master had been acting so mysteriously. He was always in the study, was he playing games again?

Chen Xiaodong was wrong this time. Fu Jiu walked into the room, but didn’t play games. Instead, she directly opened her business laptop.

She spread her long fingers on the keyboard and the screen lit up.

An eye-catching black letter “Z” showed up on the screen.

Even since she had joined the Supreme Alliance, she never did this again.

With the Almighty being at her side all the time, she couldn’t hack any websites.

Every hacker had his or her signature hacking techniques.

The Almighty didn’t realize that she was Z, because ever since that “Director Zhang” issue, she had changed her style.

But she was not sure if the Almighty would discover her after seeing it more times.

After all, she was stopped by the Almighty at Fifth Avenue, and he was so sure that she was a woman.

That was her first time being discovered as a female.

Almighty was even more familiar with her manner of doing things as Z than she expected.

Never hurt the innocent.

Never hurt the weak.

These had always been her principles.

So much unspeakable truth was buried under wealth and public opinion in the world today.

Some things could never be solved merely by relying on the police.

And some people… could never speak up even when being bullied.

Fu Jiu looked up at the darkening night outside the window.

When she solved her family’s business, she would go back to Fifth Avenue.

Because she knew best that she missed that tranquility, and she knew very well that you needed to pay a certain price to secure that tranquility.

Like the Fu Family now.

Fu Jiu looked at her file, which she had gotten through hacking. She lifted the corner of her mouth, but her eyes were exuding a sheer coldness.

She knew that Third wouldn’t be so nice.

She was right, they were playing dirty tricks on the stock holders.

Secretly persuading all other shareholders to force her mum to return her share?

Fu Jiu curved her thin lips. You want your son to be the manager knowing that the villa would never be yours anymore?

Although she didn’t give a sh*t about the Fu Family Young Master title.

But that Third seemed forgot that who owned this company…

“Jiu, Jiu!” He Honghua’s cheerful voice came in from outside.

Fu Jiu moved her fingers slightly and logged out, closing her laptop.

Great timing.

“What’s the matter, Mum?”

Fu Jiu spun her chair, turning her beautiful face to He Honghua.

He Honghua’s face was red from running. She pinched her Jiu. “You’ve lost weight, the food is no good in Japan, right? Mum will make you your favorite food, yeah? What’s wrong with your eye?”

Mothers knew best, she saw her problem with a simple look.

Fu Jiu moved her head away, holding He Honghua’s hand, and laughed lightly: “Nothing, it’s just a little infected. I have been applying eye drops these days, it will be fine tomorrow.”

“Then we should have something light and healthy today. This is what you get when you look at the computer screen for too long.” Just as He Honghua’s voice faded, Chen Xiaodong ran up with heavy footsteps. Breathing heavily, he looked at He Honghua first, and then turned to Fu Jiu. “Young Master, your call, from Young Master Qin…”