Chapter 365 - Controlling Through Phone

Chapter 365: Controlling Through Phone

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A phone call from the Almighty?

Why didn’t he call my cell?

Fu Jiu was thinking, and then she realized her phone was off as she touched her pocket.

When she picked up the phone downstairs, Chen Xiaodong and He Honghua stood side by side in a row, exuding an aura of, “We’re not trying to pry, just passing by.” But they were obviously prying.

Fu Jiu smiled and slid one hand in her pocket, then picked the phone up. “Hello, Brother Mo.”

It sounded like the Almighty was outside. You could vaguely hear the background music through the phone. “Have you applied the eye drops yet?”

Fu Jiu paused, because she had forgotten.

Qin Mo still held a cigarette between his fingers. He had come outside the booth to make the call, and frowned after hearing nothing back from the other end.

Someone walked up with a smiling face. “Who are you talking to that’s important enough for you to make the call outside?”

His group of friends had never seen Qin Mo calling someone first after all these years. They were all so intrigued and wanted to know more details.

Qin Mo looked at his good friend, then pretended he wasn’t there and continued, “Who is there with you?”

“Chen Xiaodong and my mum.” Fu Jiu laughed lightly. “They’re acting like little spies, maybe it’s you that they are so curious about.”

Chen Xiaodong and He Honghua both paused and almost choked on the water they just drank. Their hearts were screaming with sorrow, was it really necessary to sell us out?

Qin Mo heard this, curled up his lips. Like always, he just found the young man’s words funny. “Hand the phone to Auntie.”

“For what?” Fu Jiu lifted her eyebrows.

Qin Mo sounded indifferent. “I need to tell her something, and say hi.”

Fu Jiu thought it was about business, so she turned around and said to her mum, “Mum, come. You’ve been eavesdropping for so long, now come say hi to Qin Mo. He wants to talk to you.”

Wants to speak to me?

He Honghua’s face felt completely numb.

She had met Young Master Qin of Jiang City many times before.

But all at some kind of business party.

And there were many rules and status differences at such gatherings.

Even Fu Zhongyi couldn’t get into Young master Qin’s circle, let alone her.

She still remember how Fu Zhongyi wanted to get closer to young master Qin while holding a glass of wine in his hand, so pathetic.

He Honghua didn’t have those kinds of thoughts. She knew where her position was very clearly.

There was no need to give up her own dignity just to get into the circle that she didn’t belong to.

That was simply too pathetic.

But He Honghua still felt starstruck over this young man’s strong presence.

He Honghua came from the countryside, so she admired educated people the most.

Qin Mo undoubtedly exuded that exquisite regal temperament from head to toe.

He Honghua thought that she would never get in contact with the Qin Group for her entire life.

But beyond her imagination…

A phone call?

“Auntie?” Even his voice sounded splendidly dreamy.

It made He Honghua feel like a little girl again. She coughed heavily, and then acted like a parent. “Yes.”

Qin Mo rarely made such phone calls and spoke up after a little bit of consideration, “Auntie, pardon my bluntness today, but I’m worried about Fu Jiu. His eye is severely infected and since you are home, Auntie, please keep an eye on him for me. Don’t let him play on the computer or the phone, that’s all.”

Fu Jiu stood there with her hand in the pocket, not sure what they were talking about.

Her mum moved the phone a little, sounding very serious, “Sure! No problem!”