Chapter 366 - Drive For the Almighty 1

Chapter 366: Drive For the Almighty 1

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What no problem?

Fu Jiu still had her eyebrow lifted.

Hu Honghua hung up the phone, and looked extra serious. “Xiaodong.”

“Yes, Madam.” Chen Xiaodong moved closer.

Hu Honghua looked at Fu Jiu first, then said, “Take all electronic devices away from the young master. No computer for two days, got it?”

“Yes, Madam, I will not let that happen!” Chen Xiaodong promised.

Fu Jiu: “…”

What did the Almighty tell her mum so that even her mum was controlling her now?

Qin Mo guessed what the young man’s frustrated face would look like after hearing the news, and the corner of his lip curved upward even more unconsciously.

Han Feng, who was standing behind Qin Mo, saw Qin Mo’s face and paused.

What was happening?

He got a girlfriend?

Then it was going be difficult to organize the gathering tonight.

Han Feng frowned, but very quickly, he smiled again, because he thought that this girl must be too trivial to be able to affect anything.

Wait until his sister came with her girlfriends.

Han Feng whistled, then went back inside the booth.

Those who were sitting inside were all from the military compound. They all knew each other very well.

But two of them were thrown into the army ever since their college years, and they rarely came back.

Therefore, they had to party hard right now.

But as long as Qin Mo was there, they always had good control over their behavior.

Especially when getting drunk at nightclubs.

After all, they were all very well trained and educated.

Each of them had a distinguishing style. Some people were too impatient to stay still and wanted to move to this side.

Especially those girls who came out for fun, desperately looking for hookups.

But these four were quite strange. No one was interested in this, and one of them just raised his glass and gave a polite smile.

The rest of them were talking about business on the far side.

“I heard you found a little sister, when are you introducing us?” The one who came back from the army said this. His name was Jing Ran. He looked very grounded, and was indeed born to wear uniforms.

After hearing his words, Zuo Jiang, who was drinking at first, paused his fingers, looking pretty laid-back. “There’s nothing to introduce.”

“Alright.” Han Feng looked over. “Don’t be upset. I know you, sharing your dad with someone else who came out from nowhere, especially someone from a poor background who has absolutely nothing. I heard they have an elder daughter who is really chubby, and who is also from our school. What’s her last name again? God, look at my poor memory, we should just forget about those insignificant people. After that woman marries into the Jiang Family, you will have many opportunities to fix her, so quickly switch your mood. How about we ask the pretty girls who are coming over to drive for us? Am I the best big brother or what? I know you are in a bad mood, so I called girls to warm the party up for you.”

Jiang Zuo got really impatient because of words. “Her self-esteem is not that low.”

“Yes, it’s not her fault, but anyone who came out from that poor situation would grasp the opportunity extra tightly.” He was right.

Because he was right, Jiang Zuo felt unhappy. He suddenly heard a voice while he was processing all this: “Bro, you guys are leaving no chance for other boys by sitting here all together, alright?”

The one who was speaking was Han Feng’s sister — Han Susu.

She was dressed up nicely, in the most popular style, fitting in with current trends.

There were three more pretty girls with her, all from the Kali Team, and the one closest to Han Susu was no other person, but Miss Liuli…