Chapter 367 - Call Fu Jiu 1

Chapter 367: Call Fu Jiu 1

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She couldn’t take her eyes off of Qin Mo, who was sitting in the far back. A sweet smile emerged on her delicate face.

Han Susu saw that from the side. She curled up her lips and said in a low voice, “Can you be any more obvious?”

Liuli blushed, and quickly hid her embarrassment. “Stop.”

“Okay, okay, okay, zipping up now.” Han Susu moved forward and said to Han Feng. “Bro, I brought my girls as you wanted. Since you all drank some, let us drive you home.”

Han Feng smiled. “Take your pick then, but Qin Mo’s car is an off-road SUV, he needs a good driver.”

“Sister Liuli then.” Han Susu pushed Liuli forward from behind. “She’s the perfect choice to take Brother Qin back. They both play games and both are captains, they’ll hav lots to talk about on the way.”

This shouldn’t be a big deal at all.

Brother Qin would say yes to not let her down.

At least, Han Susu was quite sure about her thinking.

She heard some rumors before.

And even took a look at the official Weibo page before she came over.

She had all the evidence to tell that Spade Z was a small-minded person.

And plus she had met that loser Young Master Fu before.

He was always messing around on the floor, and then got a table and pretended to be very elegant.

No one would have a good impression of such a person.

She just didn’t expect that he knew how to play games, and seemed to be rather good at it. So what? Bad qualities wouldn’t allow him get into their circle.

Liuli always had a crush on Brother Qin, and two of them made such a lovely couple.

Brother Qin was only upset with Sister Liuli because of some misunderstanding between their teams.

That loser Young Master forced his way into the middle by creating conflict.

They had such a strong bond, he really thought he could damage it?

Han Susu didn’t know the whole story. She had only heard the Kali Team’s version of it, so she was quite biased…

Qin Mo turned around, extinguished his cigarette in the ashtray, and said one sentence with his indifferent and pretty face, “Are you having fun doing this?”

Six words in total.

But they expressed an unimaginable coldness.

Not only Han Susu, Liuli was also deeply embarrassed.

But she was ready for this before she came over, so she hid it well.

On the other hand, Han Susu was quite annoyed by it. She didn’t know why Brother Qin would lose his manners like this today!

“Brother Qin, you…” She wanted to say more.

Liuli pulled her over and said in a low voice, “Forget it, we both know he cares about his teammates a lot.”

It was because of that Young Master Fu after all! It must be that he was too evil-minded and thought of people in the worst way just because of a little conflict. Therefore, things developed to the current situation. There was nothing left to say, so lame!

Han Susu was sure about her own thinking and didn’t realize the problems within it.

Compared to Han Susu, Han Feng was calmer as the big brother. He felt that something was not right after seeing his good friend act this way today.

Qin Mo stood up with one hand in his pocket. “Han Feng.”

Han Feng looked up unconsciously and met the eyes of his good friend, which had absolutely no warmth.

“I’m done, you guys have fun.” Qin Mo said coldly, Han Feng knew very well that if he didn’t straighten this situation out right now, it would become a knot in their precious friendship…