Chapter 368 - Call Fu Jiu To Come Pick Me Up

Chapter 368: Call Fu Jiu To Come Pick Me Up

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“Hold on a second, you drank so much, you can’t drive like this.” Han Feng was in a hurry to make him stay. “How about I find you a driver?”

Qin Mo stopped and looked at Han Feng. He was finally a bit more friendly. “No need, I have someone.”

“Okay.” Han Feng was almost sure that there were hidden reasons behind all of this. This time, he really set himself up by playing a match-maker. “Secretary Liang? I have his number.”

Qin Mo took his phone out and dialed a number. “Not him, someone else. I can see if he’s behaving himself too.”

Han Feng: …This tone… sounded… hard to describe, who was this person?

Qin Mo wasn’t going to hide anything, he turned the speaker on.

After a few ringing tones.

Everyone around them heard a frustrated voice, which had the unique texture of that youth. “Brother Mo, what exactly did you tell my mum? She doesn’t even let me read novels now, how am I gonna kill time tonight?”

It was that loser Young Master Fu!

The Kali Team members’ jaws dropped.

Liuli clenched her hands tightly.

This chance to drive the Almighty home was not easy to come by.

And now it’s gone like this?

Fu Jiu was sighing. “Brother Mo, let us talk honestly about your trust issues. If you control me like this, I will feel like I’m in jail.”

“In jail?” Qin Mo smoked as he spoke.

Fu Jiu remembered some fragments from her past life and shook her head decisively. “Nope, it’s just a metaphor to help you better understand my feelings. We’re both so handsome, we should be able to easily understand each other.”

“Ha.” Someone laughed out. It was Jiang Zuo, who still had a wine glass in his hand and was looking at Qin Mo as if he were saying: Who is this funny person?

“Someone’s there?” Fu Jiu always had good hearing.

Qin Mo scoffed and confirmed, “You are on speaker.”

Fu Jiu instantly understood. “Brother Mo is clubbing outside? And I’m grounded at home, what a contrast!”

Jiang Zuo heard this and laughed even harder.

Qin Mo gave him a look and talked to the phone, looking back down again. “Problem? I’m having fun here, You should come, you would like it.”

In front of so many people, Qin Mo started chatting with the young man, via the phone…

The youth on the other side didn’t care about the fact that she was on speaker at all.

A hint of an evil smile could be heard in her voice/ “Brother Mo, you could just say it if you want to ask me out, hmm… At this hour, what about some BBQ?”

“We can talk about eating meat later. I drank and need someone to pick me up.” Qin Mo’s eyebrows were lifted. Then he said two more words, “You coming?”

Fu Jiu laughed lightly. “Address, specific address. I don’t have my phone with me, you can come out when you think I’m there.”

“The night club you liked to go a lot, close to Fu mansion.” After saying this, Qin Mo heard a bit more from the young man and then finally hung up.

The atmosphere in the booth had completely changed. Everyone was looking at Qin Mo.

Han Susu didn’t expect that Brother Qin would treat that loser young master this well!

Jiang Zuo knew well that Qin Mo had his reasons for doing that. He was making sure that everyone knew how important of an existence that person was.

Otherwise, how could someone outside of their circle be invited to come?