Chapter 369 - Handsome Skater Lord Jiu

Chapter 369: Handsome Skater Lord Jiu

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The awkward atmosphere continued all the way until Qin Mo stood up again.

He raised his hand to grab his coat and said indifferently, “That guy is almost here. I’m off, you guys have fun.”

“Wait, let’s all go together.” Han Feng wanted to see who on earth that loser Young Master Fu was. How could someone gain such special treatment from Qin Mo?

A whole bunch of pretty boys and girls walked out of the night club at once, and it made quite a scene. Lots of people were looking over.

It was cold outside. The deeper the winter, the foggier it got. You could see the white vapor when you talked.

Han Feng and Jiang Zuo came out together. They looked back with that freezing wind beating on them.

“Susu, you girls should go inside. We can send Brother Qin off.”

No way was Han Susu going back in. She had to see that loser Young Master Fu and give him a hard time.

Han Feng needed to contain the situation and repeated, “Go inside.”

Han Susu wanted to talk more.

But she discovered a man’s shadow blocked their car… That shadow was on a skateboard. His face was quite unclear, and she wasn’t sure what he was doing, just swinging back and forth over there.

The sound of the skateboard caught many people’s attention.

A bunch of people looked over.

Han Susu looked closer.

She paused. Even the rest of the Kali Team members’ facial expressions changed. Their fingers clenched.

Qin Mo strode over. “Why are you swinging this way.”

That shadow turned around. Right at that moment, a car passed by. The headlights lit up that person’s face. The light spread over his silver hair, black eyes, red lips and diamond teeth, and those eyes were so dazzling and bright that the person was able to shock the whole world with his striking handsomeness in a split second. That person was Fu Jiu.

The youth still had the skateboard under her feet. She was wearing a black hoodie and in a flash, stopped in front of Qin Mo with an extremely cool pose. “Just to keep myself warm. I’m carless, so I’m picking you up with this. So, my prince, can we go home now?”

When Fu Jiu said “my prince” with her eyebrows lifted, Han Susu’s heart slowed down by half beat without a reason. She was absent-minded for a while.

She only now knew that the young man was so handsome.

However, he was still a loser.

Han Susu quickly regained her senses and changed the way she looked at Fu Jiu. She raised her chin up and acted conspicuously arrogant. She was looking for trouble.

This made Fu Jiu look at those people behind Qin Mo. No wonder the Almighty said it was fun here, the situation was indeed interesting.

“Matchmaking party?” Fu Jiu tilted her head towards Qin Mo. Four boys and four girls, but… As far as she knew, the Almighty didn’t like these kinds of settings.

Qin Mo’s facial expression remained indifferent. “Someone’s silly trick. Ignore it, let’s go.”

“Okay.” Fu Jiu put on a light smile and couldn’t bother figuring more out about the situation. She came to pick her prince up, such a strong move by the one on top!

However… Silly trick? Liuli heard this and felt like her face was hurting from faking the smile. She didn’t do anything, because she knew best when to stop.

Han Susu didn’t want to let things go. She shouted at where Fu Jiu was standing, “Brother Qin’s not going to introduce your little friend to us? So rude.”

This time, instead of Fu Jiu, Qin Mo stopped.

Han Feng saw that and knew that this situation was bad! He dragged his sister back harshly. “Shut your mouth!”