Chapter 37

Chapter 37: Fu Jiu & Qin Mo, In the Middle of Their Gay Meetup 1

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Fatty was also very excited, and his fingers tightened on the wheel. “What kind of high school student can be this good? I really want to PK against his hacking skills in person!”

COCO was, of course, still biting on the rabbit’s ear. “I just want to play games with him!”

“Don’t act like this, he will think of us as weak!” Fatty patted him on the shoulder. “Draw out that aura you have of an online celebrity persona. It’s just a meeting, what’s the big deal?”

COCO scoffed. “Stop pretending to be calm, your hand is shaking!”

From the looks of it, CEO Qin was still the calmer one… They looked at each other, then looked back through the rearview mirror at the same time.

It should be the CEO (Captain)’s first time meeting someone through a game, right?

They didn’t expect that a cold person like the CEO would agree to a meeting?!

But if that guy really was Spade Z, then there was nothing really strange about it…

As the Hummer had not left, the gate was still swarming with students.

This was what Fu Jiu saw when she came out.

Everyone stood on their toes, looking in the same direction. Excitement was written all over their faces.

Some of the girls even couldn’t help but cover their mouths when Qin Mo rolled down his car window!

Qin Mo looked out, and his black eyes swept through the crowd inch by inch.

Spade Z would walk out from the crowd soon.

As soon as he thought of this, the curve of his lips, which had been always cold, showed an interest that he never had before.


He lowered his head and lit a cigarette, casually sticking his arm outside the window. He played around with his limited-edition Platinum Zippo lighter with his fingers, and his black hair was ruffled by the wind. That godly profile made the audience scream!

“AHHH! Young Master Qin! Young Master Qin!”

Chen Xiaodong, who was following Fu Jiu, was stunned once again. He didn’t expect that right after he heard from his young master that he was meeting with Young Master Qin just a minute ago, Young Master Qin would show up right in front of them!

The Heavens were torturing him!

He had to restrain Young Master; he couldn’t allow him to stir up trouble!

Fu Jiu looked at Chen Xiaodong, who was standing in her way. She raised an eyebrow. “Move away.”

“Young Master!” Chen Xiaodong earnestly tried to persuade him, “Look, there are so many people here, it’s not the best time for you to go there. Plus, Young Master Qin rarely shows up at school, so he must be waiting for someone. Let’s not join in the fray, shall we? What if you get expelled from the school again? Madam would be heartbroken!”

Fu Jiu laughed. “You know that he’s here waiting for someone, so do you know who that person is?”

“Hah? Who?” Chen Xiaodong was helplessly confused.

Fu Jiu said in a deep voice, “Me.”

“Young Master, seriously, you gotta stop imagining things, you…”

This time, Fu Jiu didn’t let him finish and directly gave him a sharp look.

Right after that, she harshly pushed Chen Xiaodong away with her hand.

She strode towards that black Hummer, which was surrounded by people, with her headphones on and her skateboard under her arm.

That casually trimmed silver hair gave off another kind of resplendence in the sunset.

“Wait, that was… Fu Jiu?”

“He still hasn’t gotten over Young Master Qin?”

“No! I just fell in love with him for goodness’ sake!”

“Let’s bet. When Young Master Qin sees him, he will ask him to scram…”