Chapter 370 - Punched Somebody?

Chapter 370: Punched Somebody?

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“Why should I shut up? I… ”

After the word “I,” Han Susu had nothing more to say.

It was not because of anything else, but because of the eyes with which Qin Mo looked at her. They were extremely cold.

“Why aren’t you saying anything?” Qin Mo smiled, but his eyes seemed to be overflowing with black fog, so chilly.

When she was a little girl, Han Susu’s greatest fear was this look of Qin Mo. At that time, she dared not approach this person, and now it was the same.

Anyone who knew Qin Mo all knew that once he laughed like this, it meant that he was really angry.

“Go on.” Qin Mo paced towards her a little. “Let me listen, what more can you say. ”

That kind of pressure, seemed to freeze the surrounding air.

Han Susu’s eyes were red, but she dared not say anything else.

Han Feng, as a big brother, also knew how badly things were messed up today. “Qin Mo, my little sister is still young…”

“If you’re young, just eat more walnuts.” Qin Mo’s voice was still very mild.

Han Susu didn’t understand. Why should she eat more walnuts?

Fu Jiu watched from the side, and she sighed helplessly in her heart. Was this a high school student? How did you learn Chinese? It made you look so dazed.

However, it was also a blessing not to understand the poisonous words of the Almighty.

After all, no one was willing to know when others said there was something wrong with your mind, so you needed walnuts for your brains.

Han Susu really didn’t understand anything, but she knew who the culprit was and instantly looked at Fu Jiu. “It’s all because of you! You are very great. A waste can really make mischief!”

Fu Jiu: “…”

She was just an onlooker from the beginning to the end.

She felt so wronged…

Fu Jiu couldn’t stand the type of person who looked kind on the outside, but was ugly on the inside. She couldn’t stand it before, and she couldn’t stand it now either. This was also one of the weaknesses of her character.

It was born with her, and couldn’t be changed.

Fu Jiu vowed that if the opponent said one more sentence, she would put all the fire and frustration that she had accumulated from not being able to touch the mobile phone these two days on her.

Unfortunately, Qin Mo did not give her this opportunity. He took another step forward again, looking at Han Susu. “Do you want to die?”

As soon as Han Feng saw that the situation was not right, he shouted, “Qin Mo, Susu is my little sister!”

“I know,” Qin Mo said. He turned his gaze slowly, and one fist followed, heavily hitting the Han Feng’s face. That gesture was very fast and accurate, like the wind, and it didn’t even give others any chances to recover!


Han Feng turned to the left.

The people of the Kali team couldn’t help screaming!

Jiang Zuo went up to try to pull him away.

However, he found that after the hit, Qin Mo did not intend to continue.

“I don’t hit girls, but I can hit the girl’s brother.” Qin Mo stood there as if there were no people around him, lofty and slender. That voice was so cold that it immediately made Han Feng, who wanted to hit him back, sober up. He scolded him lightly, but knew that his side was not in the right this time.

There was nothing else to say.

Han Feng just stood there, and rubbed his cheeks.

Everyone knew that Qin Mo did not use his full strength, otherwise with that one punch, Han Feng would faint.

They had all came from the same school, and they were always fighting together when they were in school, so they clearly knew each other’s skill levels.

Han Susu was still unconvinced over there. “Brother Qin, what on earth have I done to you to make you do this to my brother? Damn it, it must be Fu.. ”


Before Han Susu finished speaking, Fu Jiu lifted her right foot, and the crisp sound of a skateboard suddenly rang out!