Chapter 371 - The Swollen Face

Chapter 371: The Swollen Face

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Han Susu was shocked to be open-eyed by the skateboard rushing towards her. If it was not Han Feng who pulled her back, her knees would be absolutely knocked into.

Han Susu lifted her eyes and looked ahead. She just saw the posture of the youngster taking his leg back. Fu Jiu was smiling with little coldness. “Girl, it is not good to scold. Besides, being a human living in the world, if you don’t have any basic judgment, you’d better not get out. You are still happy not realizing being fooled. Some bitches can’t do their tricks if they don’t have seasoning like you. You at really a good member of a claque.”

When the sentence was said, not only Han Susu, but also the people of Carly team, felt red and white on their face. Looking at Fu Jiu, they were dying to kill her.

But Fu Jiu didn’t care at all, with the corner of her mouth still bent.

Han Susu was so angry that her chest even got hurt, but didn’t dare to move because Qin Mo was standing nearby.

Han Susu was mentally retarded, which didn’t mean her big brother was also mentally retarded.

As soon as they saw Fu Jiu’s action, they knew this guy was difficult to deal with.

The youngster was just standing there from the very beginning, without moving and speaking.

He could tell Fu Jiu was not afraid their identities.

It was easy to see much from one’s eyes.

Some people naturally shrink back when they thought about their prominence of three generations.

But there was no such thing in the youngster’s eye. It didn’t affect her.

But why did the youngster wait to take actions until now?

Maybe it had reached the end of her forbearance.

But Qin Mo…Han Feng leaned her eyes to have a look at the good friend beside, with a beat in his hear suddenly, wanting to open his mouth.

Qin Mo knew clearly that he wanted to speak but directly ignored him.

At that moment, Han Feng knew that it was hopeless.

This reached Qin Mo’s bottom line. If he did it second time, the whole Han Family was over, not alone making friends.

Han Susu still felt aggrieved, and dragged her brother to let him vent her anger.

Han Feng was really annoyed inwardly. Never had his sister been like this. She firstly provoked, then displeased others with her talk, with a face wanting to overpower others by her family power.

But Han Susu just stuck to her colors. “Brother, how could big brother Qin, how could he treat us this way? That abolished…”

Qin Mo just looked back at her with indifferent expression. He seemed to wait her to finish her speaking.


Han Feng slapped her in the face, which made Han Susu stand still, shocked.

She was shocked to stand till.

Such loud sound even made the members of Carly team want to tremble.

Han Susu could hardly believe that her big brother who always spoiled her would slap her in front of so many people?

Tears kept spinning in the eyes. But she had more anger than sadness, anger towards Fu Jiu.

Finally, after she gave a black look at there, she ran away!

Of course, Liu Li had to be the healing anger, so she followed up immediately!

With the captain leaving, the members of the Carly team were surly to follow.

Well, now Fu Jiu was at deep enmity with Han family. He would come to no good end.

As long as they accompany beside Han Susu, they would have chances to deal with Fu Jiu later.

However, not everyone of Han family was as stupid as Han Susu.

After this incident, how could Han Feng let his little sister to contact with these guys again?

He looked at Qin Mo, and moved his throat. “I will go for a look. There was misunderstanding in the incident, and we will have a chat later.”

At that moment, Han Feng was really worried that Qin Mo would ignored him.

Fortunately, Qin Mo was still rational. He indifferently replied a word”ok” in a low voice.

Then Han Feng let out a sign of relief, and chased in the direction of her little sister…