Chapter 372 - Highness Jiu Picked Up the Almighty by a Skateboard

Chapter 372: Highness Jiu Picked Up the Almighty by a Skateboard

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Jiang Zuo saw things clearly. He walked to Qin Mo and said, “Susu is naive and she always believes what others say. Moreover…those people were her friends after all. I’m sure Han Feng would remind her to pay more attention after this time.”

“Hmm.” Qin Mo’s mind seemed to be no longer here. He frowned and looked at the youngster who was hooking the feet at the skateboard not far away.

Jiang Zuo smiled. “Well, Let’s take a taxi back, do you…”Following Qin Mo’s eyes, he said teasingly, “You Prince can go back in an eco-friendly way. After all, someone will pick you up.”

“You go your way.”Qin Mo found it a little funny. It was true that nobody would pick up others by a skateboard. He supposed it was enough for Jiang Zuo to laugh at.

There was finally something interesting happening after a tedious day. Jiang Zuo turned round with his mouth corners bent and looked back at these two people. One was indifferent and cold while the other was cool and handsome. They both stood there in pure black coat. Except that the youngster’s hood was attached to a circle of pure white fluff while Qin Mo wore a wind coat of British style and stood there like a devil.

The youngster was walking towards Qin Mo. There was a shape contrast between them but they also complemented each other in their handsome look.

Jiang Zuo remembered the last time he saw Fu Jiu was in a noisy cafeteria in a middle school. When he saw the youngster kicked over a man and looked very handsome. After that the youngster patted a beautiful girl on her face, as if to say, “Girl, what a big deal! Listen, I can come to you at any time. What’s more, even if I’m a gay, I won’t like Master Qin in your month. If he wants to come, I’m always ready for him.”

Jiang Zuo still remembered as Qin Mo heard what the youngster said at that time, he only raised his eyes and glanced at the youngster.

Who would have thought that now these two men should join together and had even formed a good relationship…

In this way, the space in front of the night club was cleared up.

Fu Jiu walked back with the skateboard under her arm. Seeing there was only Qin Mo left, she became annoyed and said, “It seems that the skateboard was broken. It crashed into the car.”

Qin Mo felt that the last sentence was important. He frowned carelessly. “Whose car?”

“A very aggressive Land Lover with a very cool license plate number 666.” Fu Jiu said with a face of praise..

Good, it was his car. Qin Mo was clear and he took a look at the youngster.

Fu Jiu stroked her nose and said, “I overexerted myself just now. Luckily, it didn’t hit very hard. With this she smiled. “The car only lost a little paint, so Brother Mo you are in charge of buying me a new skateboard.”

This gay, Qin Mo smiled. “I can buy a skateboard for you, but how about talking about the car paint before it?”

The spray paint of a limited edition Land Rover…Fu Jiu was unwilling to think about the price. She said decisively, “Brother Mo, it will be easy for us to be on our own. Let’s go for a BBQ first.”

“Heh.” Qin Mo hooked his lips and flicked the skateboard under the arm of the youngster, “Are you going to take me to eat meat with such a broken skateboard?”

Fu Jiu smiled lightly, “It was big enough.”

“But it was not big enough for two men.” With this, Qin Mo was going to smoke when he saw there was still a little redness in the corner of the youngster’s left eye. He then fold the cigarette and threw it into the dustbin aside, “Let’s drive my car.”

“I’m not old enough.” Fu Jiu pointed at herself.

One was drunken while the other was under 18, how could they go by a Land Lover?

Although Fu Jiu was good at driving, it was better not to do that.

“There’s one shop near here.” Fu Jiu smiled and said, “Brother Mo, please don’t underestimate my skateboard, I had transformed it. It was no problem to take you with me, so just stand behind me with your hands on my shoulder.”