Chapter 373 - Skateboard Together, Sweet

Chapter 373: Skateboard Together, Sweet

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Qin Mo refused it inwardly.

At least at first he did.

But when he thought the opponent was in youth rebellion period,well, then he stood on it.

“Both feet on it.” Fu Jiu took a back look at Qin Mo.

Qin Mo took a glance at the handsome face of the youngster, very delicate, and lifted his finger to flick Fu Jiu in the profile. “I know. Turn away, and look ahead. If you don’t skateboard well, we’ll be dead together in the skateboard crash.”

” How it can be, trust the old driver’s skill and I’ll take you to fly. “Fu Jiu smiled for a while, then posed with sliding, but saw the person behind her stand still for a long time, and couldn’t help saying, “Brother Mo? ”

Qin Mo said “hum”, and deepened the eyes. Finally he put his hands on the shoulders of the youngster. The clear candy taste between the breath became stronger, so good smell, and also with a bit of cool.

Standing inside by side, the two men were so close that they seemed to be able to synchronize with the hearts.

Qin Mo had never been so close to anyone. Every time the youngster slid by the left leg, and would bring a gust of wind. That action was really handsome, and it seemed that there would be no great danger.

But… Qin Mo lowered his eyes, looked at the silver small whirlpool in the top of the youngster’s head and picked up eyebrows. “Last time, did you say you were growing up? But why don’t you grow taller?”

Fu Jiu heard this, and said “hum” faintly, thinking inwardly that I didn’t grow taller, because the nutrition had grown into elsewhere.

Qin Mo still thought his words were so direct that it made the youngster self-contemptuous. After all, although the youngster was very handsome, he was not tall. He thought again, and added a sentence. “You should do more outdoor sports later. Boys are all like this, and you will grow up quickly when they are in Senior Grade Three. ”

It was a pity that she was a girl. Fu Jiu replied silently. She skillfully avoided the uneven places in front of them under her feet, and finally turned to the main road. “Brother Mo, firmly grasp and I will speed up.”

It was not too early, but it was less than ten o ‘clock. There was still night buses on the road.

In addition to the bright lights in the high-rises in the street, there were two attractive shadows.

Did the two persons skateboard on the same board?

No, not right, was it supposed to be a manned skateboard?

Who came up with the idea?

Fu Jiu’s silver hair was so attractive that , people who were still yawning on the bus, were all energetic after seeing the scene.

Taking advantage of the gap of waiting for the red light for the bus, the person one by one couldn’t help looking out of the window.

They just saw that the youngster, with the smile on the corner of his mouth, skateboarded past the front of the bus, and the man standing behind the youngster was handsome enough to make people slightly dizzy.

Because the two wore the black coats, which always gave people the illusion that the devil came to the world, the impact aesthetic feeling of comic style.

The crowd was stunned.

What is it!?

Now were the people skateboarding all good-looking?

Weren’t they filming?

And how did two people slid on one skateboard, how on earth did they make it?

This might be usually a little bit difficult, but the two guys were very skillful, very good at balancing the power, and in addition, Fu Jiu adjusted the skateboard.

Finally this scene could happen.

“It’s better to be young.”

Many people sighed like this, envious to see two shadows disappear in the thick fog. They involuntarily thought of their youth.

But no matter how they recalled, it seemed that there was no such handsome people.

Qin Mo, he had never had such a feeling before that the wind in his ears was cold, but the body temperature of another person under his hand was like warm nap that swept his palm little by little…