Chapter 374 - Interactions Between the Two, Sweet Like Candy

Chapter 374: Interactions Between the Two, Sweet Like Candy

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The Skewer spot wasn’t far from the Fu Mansion, in the alleys of the Jiang City.

It was late winter, honestly, very few people were having street Skewer food, they prefer hotpot, which made them feel warm.

But where there were people who loved eating, there were restaurants that meet their needs.

Outside was freezing, having skewers inside was the same.

Inside was always warm in the North, especially this kind of small restaurant, there were big-belly stove fire which only local people in Jiang City had seen, total retro style.

Fu Jiu rested the skateboard against the wall.

Qin Mo lifted his eyebrows: “This is it?”

Fu Jiu smiled: “Never judge from appearance, quality of the meat here is great, real lamb.”

Nowadays, there were too many fake things around, everyone knew.

But this shop was different, owners were an old couple, they cook in an authentic local style.

“Cold, cold.” Fu Jiu pushed the door open and went in, looking like a high school student finally.

Qin Mo followed him inside, appeared bit out of the place.

Therefore, when they walked in, several people, who just finished playing games at the internet cafe, were all looking at them.

Bunch of young kids, asked for a table full of beers, they paused as they saw Fu Jiu, who had the skateboard under her arm, then they saw Almighty Qin, who was extremely majestic, they stopped talking and couldn’t take their eyes off of him.

Fu Jiu wasn’t paying attention to them, she turned over and said after sitting down, “Excuse me, one dozen Budweisers, two orders of meat skewers, two orders of tendon skewers, and we order the rest later.”

“You got it!” The owner lady confirmed and took the alcohol out.

Fu Jiu had great food cravings these days, life without meat was unbearable, therefore, she smiled unconsciously after seeing the Budweisers.

Before she could act, Qin Mo locked her active wrist with his extended hand, sounded indifferent: “No alcohol, remember?”

Fu Jiu reminded him with her head up: “Brother Mo, what about when you are not here?”

“When I’m not around, auntie will watch you for me.” Qin Mo sounded totally relaxed.

Fu Jiu whilthered instantly after hearing that: “Then what should I drink?”

Qin Mo held his jaw with one hand, brought the menu over with the other hand and took a look: “Egg soup.”

Fu Jiu:…Who would drink egg soup with meat skewers? She knew how to have skewers!

“Water then.” Qin Mo gave young man a lazy look: “Your choice.”

There was no choice…Fu Jiu muted: “Egg soup.”

“Alright.” Qin Mo looked at young man and laughed unconsciously: “Is one bowl enough?”

Fu Jiu looked very serious: “We ordered meat, and I’m not a big eater.”

“Beef and lamb create body heat.” Qin Mo reached out and pointed on young man’s eye corner: “Want this to be get serious?”

Hold on a second, Fu Jiu looked up at this eternally distinguished face of a royal, so the Almighty was saying egg soup only for her?

“What about my skewers?”

Qin Mo heard the question, sounded calm and peaceful: “You can watch me eating your skewers, and if you crave anything, order, I will eat them up for you.”

“…”Fu Jiu paused, spoke up: “Brother Mo, you will lose me for being so scheming you know that?”

“Is that so?” Qin Mo curled his lips and smiled, his handsomeness reached an explosive point.

Fu Jiu knew her weakness, which was that she was extra forgiving to those who were more handsome than she was: “Forgive you this time.”