Chapter 375 - The Two Bit on the Same Skewer

Chapter 375: The Two Bit on the Same Skewer

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“I should thank you for that, huh?” When Qin Mo’s voice came closer, you always felt the pressure.

But Fu Jiu was never afraid of this. She smiled, “What? Brother Mo finally decided to devote your body to me? If so, I could consider taking you in without a dowry.”

Qin Mo threw a glance at the young man, and pressed Fu Jiu’s hood down with his hand. “Consider yourself lucky that you are the younger one.”

She was indeed taking advantage of her younger age. Fu Jiu flipped off the hood covering her face, watching the delicious skewers being served. She could smell the spice on them, perfectly roasted and still dripping oil…

Whose idea was it to come have kebabs!

She realized it was her idea, so she zipped up and looked over towards the owner lady with deep frustration. “Is my egg soup ready?”

“Coming up, coming up.” That owner lady found the young man quite cute when he looked all frustrated, and wrinkles emerged on her face when she smiled. Being allowed only egg soup at a kebab place, poor thing.

Fu Jiu: …Owner lady, your smile was too obvious.

Qin Mo smiled and didn’t say anything, enjoying his meat skewers in front of Fu Jiu.

In order to distract herself from that appealing meat, Fu Jiu decided to talk about work/ “Brother Mo, how many of the character skills and equipment combinations do you remember from Hero?” She could partner up with the Almighty better only when she knew his true strength. After all, playing for fun was nothing compared to playing professional matches.

Qin Mo put his wine glass down and said three words calmly, “All of them.”

Fu Jiu turned mute.

A round of laughter exploded at the table next to them. All of the people were shaking and swinging their heads, mockingly showing their disbelief.

Whoever played Hero would know that there were so many different characters and skills in the game, not to mention various equipment combinations.

How much of a genius could this person be to remember all?

You wouldn’t even get a full instruction sheet by Googling, so who did he think he was fooling?

Fu Jiu understood the laughter and tilted her head, a smile blossoming on the corner of her lip, ignoring them.

She thought that the Almighty wouldn’t fuss either.



“It is fine to remember skills, but what about those equipment combinations? When to use them, when to combine them… This required experiences, right? Otherwise, there is no need for those strategy instruction online posts for new players anymore.”

Qin Mo looked at the young man and explained in a slow and orderly method, “You need to study the physics of the attacks when using different equipment and characters, then do the combining, do you want me to elaborate?”

As soon as Fu Jiu heard the word “physics,” her head started hurting: “That’s fine, not for me.”

Almighty was indeed unique.

Who would analyze the physics to play games?

He was simply robbing tech people of their meal tickets.

Fu Jiu couldn’t help murmuring as she thought about this: “You straight-A people even play games in a straight-A way, not letting the study trash like us live anymore.”

Qin Mo heard the young man’s voice, which was not too high or low, and the smile on the corner of his mouth became even more prominent. “Here comes more meat.”

Meaning, you can watch me eat more now…

Fu Jiu tacitly understood the Almighty’s trick. She lifted her eyebrow handsomely, moved over abruptly, pressed that man’s wrist down, and took a big bite of the meat skewer in Qin Mo’s hand!

Their faces were only one inch away, and their mouths were on the two ends of the same meat skewer…