Chapter 376 - Fu Jiu Was Doomed? Table Bam!

Chapter 376: Fu Jiu Was Doomed? Table Bam!

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Qin Mo froze up instantly.

Who wouldn’t?

When such a clean, fair-skinned face with tiny fluffy hair on it came right next to your right cheek, so close that you could clearly see those rich eyelashes and light colored lips.

At that moment, Qin Mo’s heart felt that inexplicable itchiness again.

The feeling that he had felt when young man was skateboarding came right back to him, fondling his whole body from head to toe like a chiffon feather.

Those gaming boys who had been sitting next to them all looked over at once.


What is this?!

Are they drunk? Acting like gays in the game was fine, so why were they acting gay in the real world while having kebabs!? Was it really necessary?

Must be drunk, let me rub my eyes first!

Fu Jiu pulled herself away after a little bit of time. She sat back to her previous position, stole a piece of meat, half curved her lips and smiled trickily, “Yum, tastes good!”

Qin Mo tilted his head first and bended over. He pinched the young man’s jaw with his fingers, and his strong sense of sternness made people’s hearts race. “One more bite, and I make you regret it, got it?”

“Hey, Brother Mo, you are too close,” Fu Jiu reminded him with a smile on her face.

Qin Mo laughed, and rubbed the young man’s jaw with his thumb. “You didn’t feel that it was too close when you moved over? We almost kissed.”

Fu Jiu heard the last few words and laughed, replying casually: “You wanna kiss back?”

As soon as this was said.

Fu Jiu knew she was doomed.

There was nothing that the Almighty wouldn’t do.

Why did I challenge him just now?

As expected, the Almighty didn’t say a word, just staring at her with his deep eyes, so dangerous that it slowed her breath down.

She could smell the kebab scent in between his breaths.

Even the boys over at the next table quieted down.

I’m going to die.

This was Fu Jiu’s only thought.

Must run away.

When necessary, Fu Jiu’s skills elevated by three levels more, just like right now.

She tilted first, turned her body to the side, and then blocked Qin Mo by conveniently moving a chair in the way using her long legs.

However, she blocked the front, but missed behind her.

The hood on her black hoodie was pulled harshly.

Fu Jiu bounced back like a spring.

Because of his strength, Fu Jiu’s back crashed directly into Qin Mo’s arms.

Others would be irrevocably locked in, but not Fu Jiu.

She turned her waist, pulled her left arm out of the sleeve, and drew her body away with a simple bend, then the right sleeve was off as her face was turning with the spin.

Her action was so handsome and clean-cut that it even had the wind sound effect accompanying it.

People around them all fell into dead shock watching it happen.

So… It changed from a gay porn film to an action movie?

Sh*t, how hard was it to give people a little time to react?!

But, how did he do it?

Such great skills, he must fight a lot!

They were all men, and they still felt that their blood was boiling after seeing this, and couldn’t help cheering for the young man, “Bravo!”

The pitiful thing was that as soon as the audience finished their cheers.

Qin Mo dragged the black coat and pressed the young man’s right wrist down with one hand. Then, he pulled with great strength, and swoosh, trapped the young man on the table. All of his fingers were on both sides of Fu Jiu’s body, and his deep eyes inched in slowly, looking evil like a demon…