Chapter 377 - Big Brother Bullying Little Brother?

Chapter 377: Big Brother Bullying Little Brother?

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“Want to run?”

As Qin Mo bent over with his eyebrows raised, there was no way for Fu Jiu to run.

The smell of alcohol exuded from him as he moved, mixing with the thick scent of sandalwood.

Fu Jiu knew that she was doomed this time. She must have gone nuts to flirt with the Almighty after he drank.

The Almighty was nowhere near as rational as he normally was.

He freed one hand to press down the young man’s shoulder, wanting to educate him. However, after seeing the youth’s face underneath him, his whole brain was drained empty.

The only thing left was that sense of warmth buried deep down in his memory.

With such a soft-to-the-touch texture.

How would it feel to put his lips down?

Or maybe he just want to see him run while scared out of his wits.

The destructive nature in his personality became more obvious the moment he touched the sweater. His eyes were as dark as the deep nights.

Qin Mo indeed looked handsome and majestic.

But his background was extremely harsh.

That angular side face exhibited his manliness, and it made every woman’s legs go weak.

And because of his position and the noise the two made, the owner lady thought that they got into a fight after drinking too much. She came over to stop them, and pulled at Qin Mo. “Hey, young man, talk nicely, don’t fight, no fighting here!”

No wonder the owner lady misunderstood. Nobody would expect for there to be the temptation for a kiss between two grown young men.

“Loosen your hands, now!” The owner lady’s face was filled with justice.

Qin Mo looked over and paused. His facial expression was unreadable.

Fu Jiu laughed out loud instead, and that only made Qin Mo want to punish him further.

The owner lady understood the meaning in Qin Mo’s eyes and said seriously, “You are obviously the big brother here, so why are you bullying the little one?”

Qin Mo didn’t speak, because straight-A student Qin had never scolded like this by anyone before.

Fu Jiu laughed louder and said, “Auntie, it’s no biggie, we are just playing.”

“Playing?” The owner lady was confused. That hadn’t looked like they were playing.

Fu Jiu put one hand in her pocket, “For real, right, bro?” After that, she gazed up at Qin Mo, looking handsome and annoying at the same time.

Qin Mo returned to his composed self. In fact, Qin Mo only showed his naughty side to Fu Jiu; with others, he always remained reserved with his British gentleman style.

“Yes.” One emotionless word.

The owner lady shook her head and said to her husband, “Nowadays, big brothers don’t know how to be nice to their younger brothers.”

Qin Mo: “…”

Fu Jiu nearly died laughing. She simply rested her fluffy head on Qin Mo’s shoulder. Qin Mo tried to contain his temper for a long time and finally stopped himself from beating her up.

From an outsider’s perspective, he truly should have been nicer to Fu Jiu.

But, he realized that his younger brother took his kindness for granted.

He looked over again at the young man and saw his overly sunny smile. It was like warm sunlight in the afternoon, streaming inside through the windows, creating pure halos on the floor.

Qin Mo didn’t push the young man away. He stood there, still as white, cold snow. His austereness had nowhere to hide. He happened to be dressed in black from head to toe, which made him look more like a demon…

Two demons actually, because Fu Jiu’s evilness was no less than his…