Chapter 378 - Take the Almighty Home and Keep Him

Chapter 378: Take the Almighty Home and Keep Him

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Because they were outside in public after all, Fu Jiu’s laughter didn’t last long. Plus, she still needed to eat.

After that, the owner lady gave Qin Mo a look every time before spicing the kebabs, as if she were saying, “I’m watching you, you better be nice to your younger brother.” Fu Jiu derived pleasure from all of this.

Those internet-addicted boys had been watching, enjoying it even more after drinking. Sh*t, why do handsome people do everything so handsomely?

They would never believe that those two were just friends!

But this was not the key problem right now.

One of their phones buzzed with a text reading, “You don’t dare to come?”

The person showed this text to his buddies.

“WTF! Tell him we’re gonna take his whole team out! Does he wanna die?”

But then they realized they still needed one more player for a 5v5 match.

The four of them exchanged looks and remembered what that man had just said. One of them stood up directly and walked to Fu Jiu’s table.

“Hey bro, listen, you said you were good with online games, huh?” The man speaking had a cigarette in his mouth, thinking that he looked cool that way. One should judge a man not only by his looks, but sometimes, by… his bearing? But his heart shattered without a reason when Qin Mo looked up. He coughed loudly as if he had choked on something, losing his bearings as well.

No, this was not the point, he came to invite him!

Qin Mo tried to wave off the smell of the cigarette, sounding emotionless. “My brother’s eye is infected. He can’t take the smoke, please put your cigarette out.”

Qin Mo’s presence was too strong, so the young man snuffed his cigarette out almost immediately, but his eyes widened. Wait a sec, why am I listening to this man!?

When Fu Jiu saw those wide eyes, she easily guessed his thoughts from his expression.

Only then… did she suddenly realize that the Almighty hadn’t been smoking for days because of her eye…

Fu Jiu looked at Qin Mo. The Almighty seemed really attractive and considerate. If they had not known each other too well, and if he weren’t overly rich and powerful, then she would really want to take him home.

Fu Jiu could only muse over this in her head. The Almighty was too smart to be fooled.

“I snuffed it, so? Wanna play or not?” The person pointed behind him. “We need one more to play a 5v5 game.”

Fu Jiu’s hands started to itch as soon as she heard the word “play.”

No, that was not accurate.

Rather than the word “play” making her hands itchy, it was any electronic device that would make her feel like that.

She was a hacker, so how could she bear to not touch her phone or computer.

When would this annoying eye recover…

Fu Jiu was at her new lowest point.

Qin Mo glanced at the young man, and freed one hand to press down on Fu Jiu’s head, meaning “no games.” With his eyes on that person, he said regally, “Haven’t played the mobile version.”



He snuffed out his cigarette and still got rejected by him?

So what if he was extremely handsome?

“You made yourself sound so good, saying you remembered everything, and now, you don’t even dare to play?”

Fu Jiu was originally struggling at the side.

But now, after hearing that, she curled the corner of her lip.

The owner lady had saved her by showing up.

Now, no one was saving this person.

Qin Mo lifted his eyes, and said in a quiet but extremely pressuring voice, “Say that again?”