Chapter 379 - Kids From No.2 Middle School

Chapter 379: Kids From No.2 Middle School

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Luckily, those young men knew how to read facial expressions and realized that Qin Mo was someone who shouldn’t be messed with. They walked up to stop their friend, explaining, “Bro, we’re in a hurry to find one more person to compete. We’re having a little gang fight here.”

“Gang?” Fu Jiu lifted her eyebrows. “Since when did Hero have gangs?”

Unexpectedly, that person answered seriously, “Not in the game, it’s between our school and No.1 Middle School! We can’t lose.”

As someone from No.1 Middle School, Fu Jiu didn’t know how to face them…

That person continued, saying rather excitedly, “They invited others and challenged us in Hero. As you can tell, we only have four people and need one more to play a 5v5. Now they are acting so full of themselves, calling us cowards!” He pounded on the table as he was speaking. “How can No.2 Middle School lose to those geeks. They all look like bookworms, and only know about studying, losing to them would be such an insult to us!”

“Exactly!” the other three echoed! It seemed like they were fighting for their school’s reputation.

Qin Mo spoke up slowly after facing such a forceful invite. “If so, I can’t join you even more.”

“Why’s that?” That kid stared at him. “Bro, sorry for being rude just now, but this is urgent. You should know that as a man, we men can’t lose face in such a way, we need to fight!”

Qin Mo gave him a look and said indifferently, “Because I graduated from No.1 Middle School.”


Those four froze up!

They looked like idiots.

They recalled what they had just said… Geeks… Bookworms… And so on…

Now they felt like they were talking about themselves in front of this person, who was strikingly handsome.

But, that still wasn’t important.

The thing was, even ten years ago, these two schools were enemies in Jiang City!

Like real enemies!

All the boys knew the meaning of being real enemies!

There was no way they were going to help them anymore.

The quartet looked at Fu Jiu all at once!

Fu Jiu was trying to steal some meat to eat, but when she was stared at like that, the Almighty pushed her head away.

Qin Mo gave the other party the final blow by saying, “Don’t even think about it, he’s still in No.1 Middle School.”

Only a second had passed.

The little kebab place became eerily silent.

Fu Jiu looked at those four boys in front of them, who had wide eyes and looked like they had choked up. She was amused by this and wanted to laugh — so naive, this No.2 Middle School.

“W—T—F!” That person turned around, not expecting any further miracles, and said to his friends, “What now, so we just let Liu Zongming triumph over us?”

When Fu Jiu heard that, her hands paused. “Who are you talking about?”

“Liu Zongming.” The internet-addicted boys gossiped, “The gang leader of No.1 Middle School, you don’t know him?”

Gang leader? Fu Jiu savored those two words and smiled. “Of course, it’s just that I don’t like him; therefore, I will help you with this one match and dinner will be on you if we win.”

“Why is that?” the gangsters acted out again.

Fu Jiu laughed. “It’s fine if you don’t pay for the meal, people would just think that the No.2 Middle School’s gang leader is chickening out on the No.1 Middle School’s gang leader.”

“What!” What a vicious tongue!

Fu Jiu thought that he was going to say more.

The gangster turned his head. “How much do we have!”

Fu Jiu: “…”