Chapter 38 - Fu Jiu & Qin Mo, Gay Meetup 2

Chapter 38: Fu Jiu & Qin Mo, Gay Meetup 2

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As if she couldn’t hear the crowd murmuring, Fu Jiu walked directly to the Hummer, with the corner of her mouth even curled up into a smile.

The bodyguards tried to stop her with their hands.

It was this young man who had crashed into their CEO’s arms last time.

Now, it was him again. Did he think that they were mere decorations?

Facing such a barricade, no fear could be seen on Fu Jiu’s face. On the contrary, she raised her eyebrow and a sense of playfulness could be seen in the curve of her lips.

Chen Xiaodong, who was far away in the crowd, felt relieved.

This was good; at least the bodyguards were there to stop her.

There was no way they would let him through, so he didn’t need to worry about him bumping into Young Master Qin…

“Ah!” COCO, who was sitting in the car, also recognized Fu Jiu. “It’s him!”

Back then, Fatty was busy with his laptop, so he didn’t know what had happened. “Who is he?”

“It’s that gay guy who has a secret crush on Captain…” COCO said, before noticing that Qin Mo was looking at him. He instantly changed his tone, “No, no, I mean, he’s a rather crazy fan of Captain’s! Mm, he’s so crazy, he has his own unique way of expressing his affection!”

Hearing that, Fatty was quite disappointed. “Hm, then he’s not Spade Z…”

Fu Jiu saw that they didn’t intend to open the door, and Qin Mo was still on his phone with his head down.

Fu Jiu simply launched WeChat and texted, “Almighty Qin, ask your bodyguards to get out of the way.”

Qin Mo’s fingers stopped abruptly and he raised his head unconsciously. With the bodyguards between them, their eyes met, and he looked at the rather familiar figure familiar outside the car.

In the sunset, that guy had his skateboard in his left hand and his phone in his right hand. His school uniform was unzipped, and it was paired with a cream-colored T-shirt.

Those dreamy eyes had a perfect contrast of black and white.

The light shone down upon his silver hair, and those inky eyes added an inexplicable sense of coquettishness to him.

Qin Mo’s eyes showed signs of abrupt shock!

Then, those deep eyes narrowed!

Fu Jiu saw him check his phone, and she shook her phone casually.

Qin Mo didn’t let her in the car immediately. His long and slender fingers flicked the ash from his cigarette, and he lowered his eyes again as he texted, “That head out there is you?”

Fu Jiu saw the message and couldn’t help but raise her eyebrow. “So Almighty Qin counts people just like counting animals at home.”

This time, Qin Mo saw Fu Jiu texting with his own eyes.

At the same time, a faint cold glimmer leaked out from his eyes. “Move, let him in.”


COCO was so shocked that he finally bit off the rabbit’s ear!

The bodyguards were all stunned, and they looked at one another while rooted to their spots!

They were not the only ones. Chen Xiaodong’s eyes were wide with utter shock.

He… he let Young Master through?!

All the students around the car covered their mouths as they watched in disbelief.

Fu Jiu raised her hand up and patted their shoulders. “Told you your boss was waiting for me, why didn’t you believe it?”

All the bodyguards turned around!

They wanted confirmation from their boss because they didn’t believe it was true!

“Let him through,” Qin Mo just repeated in a low voice.

COCO turned his head in shock. “Captain, don’t do this, even if that person has hugged you before, you can’t beat him up in public!”

At this time, Fu Jiu had already walked over. She lifted her left hand up casually and placed it languidly on the car window. She bent her waist slightly, and along with that beautiful face, her eyes inched close to Qin Mo. From a shorter distance, those extremely dazzling eyes became even more appealing. “Oh? Who does Almighty Qin want to beat up? Me?”