Chapter 380 - Almighty Qin Plays

Chapter 380: Almighty Qin Plays

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The four kids were really gathering money.

“Bro, this isn’t right.” The gangster turned pale as he searched his pockets. “I never ask for anything when I help others, this is called brotherhood.”

Fu Jiu laughed lightly. “I’m from No.1 Middle School and I would feel guilty if I were to fight my own school. If you wanna talk about brotherhood, then I shouldn’t be helping you?”

“…” Could you at least pretend to be guilty when you talk about it? You don’t look guilty at all!

Those four students from No.2 Middle School gathered 80 yuan and put it on the corner of the table. “This is all we have. We still need to pay for our own meal.”

Fu Jiu counted what they had ordered—80 yuan was enough. Then, she smiled lightly. “Give me a phone, let’s begin.”

“You don’t even have a cell phone? How can you play!” They started to pull at their hair in frustration after saying that.

Fu Jiu lifted her eyebrows. “Go borrow the owner lady’s phone for me.”

“The owner lady’s phone is a Nokia. You can’t play games with that.” Being regular customers, they even knew what phone the owner lady had.

Fu Jiu found it a pity. She was so ready to kick Liu Zongming’s sorry a**.

Qin Mo frowned upon seeing the young man’s face. “What’s up with that Liu Zongming?”

“He tried to corner me and beat me up with his friends before.” Fu Jiu told the truth, but kept the rest to herself.

Qin Mo’s eyes turned cold as soon as he heard this. He tilted his head and said to the four who were still tugging at their hair, “I’ll play.”

“Really?!” the gangster’s eyes lit up and he asked, “You have a phone?”

Qin Mo ignored his question and looked at him, took his phone out, and started to play with it in his hand.

All of them suddenly cheered up. “We are in Zone A, come right in.”

“Need three more minutes.” Qin Mo sounded emotionless.

The gangster stared at him. “Why?”

“Downloading.” Qin Mo had never played the mobile version before; he was a professional player, for goodness’ sake.

The four kids turned worried after seeing that and murmured, “This is not good, if he doesn’t have the app installed, it means he doesn’t play often.”

“We don’t have any other choice. We can’t let Liu Zongming think that he’s winning.” Someone said, “We can cover for him later and make him the healer, so that he can at least help us recover.”


Those four were talking about strategies quite seriously.

Fu Jiu lifted her eyebrows. Not letting the Almighty attack? That was not… going to happen.

There was WiFi at the kebab place and the download speed was fast.

At that moment, the gangster had already begun treating Qin Mo as someone who only bragged; therefore, he looked at Fu Jiu with sad eyes.

When Fu Jiu saw Qin Mo type in his account ID, she stopped him, whispering, “Brother Mo, use my private account; otherwise, they will lose their little minds when they see your username.”

Qin Mo agreed. “Password?”

“ID: 135975280. Password: 000000,” Fu Jiu said.

Qin Mo logged into the game page.

“Alright, we are here!” the gangster shouted with his head bowed. “Follow my command, especially…” He looked up at Qin Mo as he said, “Bro, you don’t attack, stay behind to help us heal when we need you. We have to play with some strategy!”