Chapter 381 - This Bragging Handsome Is Going to Die

Chapter 381: This Bragging Handsome Is Going to Die

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“Yes, you must!”

The other three players looked really serious.

Talking about strategy with the Almighty?

Why did Fu Jiu want to laugh so badly after hearing that?

So she did, causing the four of them to look at her immediately. as if they were saying, “Why are you laughing over such serious business? We are fighting for our manhood and reputation here!”

Being looked at with such eyes, Fu Jiu wanted to behave but she couldn’t help it.

God knew how funny these kids looked. She tilted his face and hid behind the Almighty, laughing so hard that her face was convulsing.

Qin Mo was picking his skills when he felt the breaths hitting on the back of his neck. His fingers paused instantly.

“Handsome, let’s go!” the gangster’s body moved along with his game character. Did he think that he was playing car racing games? “Aiyou, f*ck me, we almost got hit!”

Fu Jiu was watching from the side, still amused that the gangster was thinking anyone could hit Qin Mo easily with that kind of movement.

But she realized that the Almighty was not moving so she wanted to look up and check on him.

But before she did, the Almighty reached out and pushed her head away, pointing at her with his finger, looking really handsome. “Move away.” Qin Mo realized how easily he got affected by this younger brother of his.

Fu Jiu realized that the Almighty didn’t want her to get near, so she moved her chair to the gangster’s side and looked at the screen. “Don’t go that way, there’s an enemy there. To your left!”

The gangster was completely immersed in his game, roaring while playing. Just as he believed he was about to die, he escaped in the direction the youth shouted.

He was relieved and regained some HP. During this period, he saw no movement from Qin Mo’s side on the map.

The four kids said while playing, “Protect Handsome.”

“Copy that.”


Obviously, they treated Qin Mo as a new player.

“Let’s take the middle lane and terminate the whole team!”

Suddenly, someone jumped out from the bushes, giving a stunning strike and casting a slow spell after that.

The four of them lost half of their HP instantly.

“W—TF!” the gangster’s body was moving again. “Retreat! What is this! This is not the skill level of Liu Zongming!”

He was was right; it was not Liu Zongming.

But from someone who had just returned to the game world — Fu Ximing!

“He cheated!” After seeing the profile picture, the gangster understood: “He teamed up with a professional player, f*ck him!”

Fu Jiu lifted her eyebrows. “Professional player?”

“The person who chased me is—what the heck—the school prince of No.1 Middle School, Fu Ximing!”

The illegitimate son. Fu Jiu’s eyes paused.

The gangster’s body swung more severely, as one of them died, he bit on his lips harshly, “How can this continue!?”

One professional player could finish them all, not to mention the fact that they had a rookie on their team.

Plus, they had already lost one player.

Three players were protecting the tower on the other side!

They needed to gather everyone to not suffer a complete defeat.

Hold on a second, who was that on the road?

Isn’t that!?

The gangster looked closely, and saw it was Handsome.

There was one thought in his head. That guy was playing against three players from the other team, this braggart was going to die!