Chapter 382 - Almighty Qin's Triple Kill!

Chapter 382: Almighty Qin’s Triple Kill!

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However, in the next second.

That gangster was in utter shock!

His fingers were trembling!

Two striking letters appeared on the screen — K.O.!

It wasn’t that his team was terminated by the other side, but that someone from his team had just made a kill!

Their first kill?!

Was something wrong with his eyes?!

The gangster rubbed his eyes, while the other three players looked stupefied.

Before this quartet could react, they heard another special effect sound in the game — double-kill!

“Damn it!” the gangster couldn’t help but widen his eyes and look up directly to Qin Mo’s side!

He saw that the strikingly handsome man had pressed his left hand forward, while his right hand fingers moved slightly, which was followed by a perfectly accelerated bounce shown on the screen, crushing the opponent to death!



The gangster was dumbfounded.

The other three were shocked too.

They even forgot to use their fingers to move forward.

But the one who had just killed looked calm. He turned left and quickly returned to the base. He waited for them at the entrance, and even freed one hand for a sip of beer, while speaking emotionlessly, “Why aren’t you attacking?”

The quartet was instantly jolted awake!

They started to follow the man’s lead subconsciously!

The gangster was still shocked, but what frustrated him the most was that this guy still had time for beer!!!

He didn’t even know any moves a minute ago.

How did he suddenly act like he knew magic?

He was perplexed and could not help but ask, “Bro, I thought you were a rookie from your movements just now, but I didn’t expect you to be a master, hahaha.”

Qin Mo glanced at him and said, sounding indifferent, “I just need a little time to get used to the mobile version.”

The gangster: …And then you killed three at once?! WTF, what kind of offensive might is this? You think I would believe you?

The quartet didn’t buy it, but Fu Jiu knew it was true, because the Almighty never played on phones.

Cell phones and tablets were all just tools for him to use on international business meetings.

But Fu Jiu couldn’t figure out one thing —

Why did her breath affect Qin Mo that much?

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have needed to regain HP back at the city.

Liu Zongming cursed angrily, “WTF! I took almost all of their HP! How did I die?”

Fu Ximing was sitting next to him. Wearing his normal arrogant face as someone who had just successfully attacked the defense tower of the other party, he said carelessly, “Maybe he purchased extra skills. Why do you care, I will return the kill soon!”

“Hehe, Young Master Fu is right.” Liu Zongming was totally kissing Fu Ximing’s as*. “If Young Master Fu was there just now, there was no way that assassin in black would live.”

They wouldn’t lose with Young Master Fu there; it was just a careless accident.

So what if they were good, good enough to beat professional players?

When Liu Zongming thought about this, he looked forward to a great massacre!

“WTF! It’s Fu Ximing!” the gangster started to move his character’s body again. “Retreat, don’t let him get near you!”

Qin Mo’s voice rang out strongly, with only one word: “Kill.”

The gangster wanted to cry, “Hey, Handsome, I’m the commander!”

Aren’t you supposed to follow my lead!

But when he saw Qin Mo’s dark, deep eyes, he completely lost his position without a reason. “Well, kill, I guess…”