Chapter 383 - the Almighty Played Against Five, Now Lord Jiu's Turn

Chapter 383: the Almighty Played Against Five, Now Lord Jiu’s Turn

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Team battle time!

Be it the No.2 Middle School or the No.1 Middle School, both sides were pushing forward on the middle lane!

But these teammates were no Supreme Alliance players after all.

And in the world of the youths, they didn’t care about manners when they fought!

Especially when the gangster shouted, “Ahhh!” before running to Fu Ximing brainlessly!

Fu Jiu was shocked by his sound effect, but it was too late to stop him by yanking on his arm!

She watched as his character charged into the crowd.

The other party trapped him and killed him in a second!

Fu Jiu saw that the Almighty was far away and couldn’t save him—he was too far out.

“WTF! They killed my brother! Don’t forget we exist!” Another player became irrational and ran up after him!

Fu Jiu smacked her forehead out of frustration, causing her silver hair to sneak in between the gaps in her fingers. What about the strategy? This was their strategy?

“Kill him, that’s right, kill him!” the gangster started shouting at the screen while he waited for his character to revive.

The owner lady thought that something was wrong and looked over from time to time.

However, all she saw was these kids burying their heads deep down while playing with their phones.

The gangster drew lots of attention.

Luckily, there were only a few people at the kebab place, otherwise their silly actions would attract themselves a good audience.


There was no need to check. It was definitely one of the youths.

But this time, the Almighty had reached him; however, someone was one step faster. Bang, a suicide jump…

This was simply suicide. Fu Jiu couldn’t help but sigh as she watched the massacre.

The Almighty completely showed no emotion, returning to the defense tower with his beautiful side profile impassive.

“Handsome, what are you doing, attack!” The only remaining youth’s eyes were red from the adrenaline. He was going to die soon.

Fourth kill!

Almighty was the only one left down at the defense tower.

The mobile version drastically affected the Almighty’s hand speed.

Fu Jiu noticed that too—the Almighty had lost one drop of his HP saving that suicidal dumbas*.

He stood under the tower, ready to fight the five opponents.

The gangster finally revived and wanted to run up and attack again!

But before he could move his fingers, his phone was taken!

“Hey, that’s my phone…” the gangster shouted at Fu Jiu.

Qin Mo moved his fingers, allowing Fu Jiu to do this because she had behaved herself well the past couple of days. She probably could not bear not touching a phone in such a long period of time.

He understood how teenagers were. Fu Jiu couldn’t bear such a situation.

Fu Jiu indeed couldn’t bear it anymore. Even though she knew that the Almighty was okay with playing against five opponents, she simply didn’t like that kind of situation.

None of the opponents were worthy of being ganked by the Almighty.

The gangster was utterly convinced by Fu Jiu’s murderous look from the side.

He didn’t expect the smiling handsome boy to turn into a demon. It was still his face, which made average looking people like him jealous to death, but his presence had completely changed. It was like a bladed sword, exuding killing intent from head to toe!

“No, don’t attack!” the gangster shouted in frustration. “That is suicide!”

Fu Jiu didn’t even look up. “So you do know what it means to have a death wish?”

The gangster: “…”

Why does he always have to mock me when he talks, he misunderstood me for sure!

Yup, the situation is indeed dangerous!

Fu Jiu still laughed when she saw the gangster’s serious look. This bunch of kids…