Chapter 384 - The Two Cooperates, Attack!

Chapter 384: The Two Cooperates, Attack!

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“Ha, our stupid opponents are courting death again.” Liu Zongming was so excited that even his eyes were shining. His thumb was pressing on the mobile phone screen, with a bloodthirsty appearance clearly showing in the curve of the corner of his mouth.

Fu Ximing didn’t care at all, lifting his chin coldly. “Kill the pig under the defense tower first. He’s so stupid that it’s a painful sight.”

“I see.” Liu Zongming smiled with pride. “5v2. The other party is doomed! Do we still proceed forward? They want to give us free kills again!”

The two who had been killed by the Almighty said in a low voice, “The man standing under the tower seems strong.”

“What are you frightened of? We have Young Master Fu!” Liu Zongming turned on his voice capabilities. “Everyone rush forward!”

Fu Ximing spoke too, “Rest assured. I alone can destroy them.”

Hearing what he said, the others rushed forward faster.

But the guy who was standing under the tower seemed to take a step back.

He activated the other side’s desire to pursue and kill!

The Almighty did take a step back, but he didn’t mean to run away.

Instead, he was waiting for the person who was going to catch up behind him. That was Fu Jiu!

Maybe it was because he had seen the real person, but the gangster thought that the man who was standing near the city tower was very handsome.

He was like a king of ancient times, just standing there straight-backed gave people a sense of beauty.

But in just a few short seconds.

The gangster was looking at the youngster whose slim fingers were moving quickly on the screen.

Even when he was running forward, he didn’t forget to change his equipment. Besides, none of those attacking creeps struck him.

The gangster was just about to ask how the youngster did it when he saw the two handsome guys appear on screen!

He was still watching as he clearly saw the man who had originally stood under the defense tower abruptly wave his long black sleeve and ensnare a man with a long knife.

The youngster accelerated a crit!

That man suddenly lost half his HP.

The gangster shouted loudly,” He wants to flee!”

But how could he? There was the Almighty in the front.

The gangster really didn’t know how the handsome boy made it. He just shifted his fingers and turned his head around with a backsmash—


But this move meant that the back of the handsome boy was exposed to the enemy.


The handsome boy was going to die!

This was the gangster’s thought.

Yet in the next second, he changed his mind!

Because the next swoop from the youth not only blocked a blow as he opened his arms, but also stopped a blow from the others!

The gangster got a nasty shock.

The ga… game could be played like this?

They were so well coordinated!

The two regenerated HP together under the tower. Without any pauses, Qin Mo waved his long sword of death. The guy who wanted to sneak an attack on the youngster previously was killed instantly on the spot.


The expression of the youths were hard to describe. Everyone widened their mouths.

Despite a 2v5, he could still double-kill.

And the two were healed with full HP!

It seemed like a long time, but less than 20 seconds had actually passed.

When the sound of the game came up, Fu Ximing’s expression changed. He pressed down on his phone and cursed, “Do you have shit for brains? All of you, get out of my way!”

Liu Zongming was still alive, but without full HP.

The people who were dead remained confused.

What ludicrous speed! They really didn’t know how they died.

Most terrifying of all was that every strike of theirs was so shudderingly precise that it made them feel afraid..

That… that man guarding the tower, why he was so strong?!