Chapter 385 - Black-bellied Almighty Qin

Chapter 385: Black-bellied Almighty Qin

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This was a shock that only people who had been killed would feel.

But Fu Ximing only felt that it was because they were too stupid.

What was good about their opponents?

They even didn’t dare to get out from behind the citadel wall up to now.

Two cowards.

But as he thought over it, the two figures who stood at the bottom of the tower came out together. They went hand in hand and their speed was too fast to let anyone react defensively.

Apart from the sounds of the game, nothing else could been heard in the kebab shop.

The gangster’s expression deserved a close-up shot. After all, it was really difficult to describe it. How could… How could their speed be so fast? Moreover… Why did these two men have such a tacit understanding. They hardly spoke while they ran together?!

The excellent maneuvering of the youngster surprised the gangster as his mouth remained agape.

With his silky silver hair, black earrings and an edamame held in his mouth, how could the youth still play so well?

Not to mention the handsome man opposite, who asked him in a low voice as he played the game, “Which one is Liu Zongming?”

The gangster felt depressed that as a commander he was always being ordered around today!

“The character wearing the golden armor.”

How strange it was.

He could even see the chill in the handsome man’s deep eyes after he said this.

But in the next second, Liu Zongming was killed!



What had to be said was that this noise sounded really cool!

“Wait for me!” The gangster learned from Fu Jiu. He grabbed the phone from his newly resurrected friend and hurriedly went forward!

Who knew… he only saw the youngster use a sword shadow spin and leap straight into the air while there was even silver lights shining on the black robe. The youngster had dealt a critical strike by sniping.


Four people!

Four players had been killed!

How long did it take?

Twenty-one seconds!

The gangster had an indescribable feeling at that moment.

Did those who played games know how he felt?

That was his own account.

The account used by this awesome guy on the screen belonged to him.

Although he wasn’t the one playing, he still found it cool!

How could his account be so excellent!

The gangster felt really good!

But Fu Ximing wanted to curse.


Five men could not beat two people. Instead, the four of them were insta-killed by their rival.

That was terrible!

Up to this moment, he still believed that it was the fault of his lousy teammates.

And in Fu Ximing’s mind, no matter how good his opponents performed, they were amateurs.

And why should he be afraid of two amateurs!

He was so arrogant that he ran to his own city tower and stopped there without waiting for his teammates to heal. He planned to kill one of the two first.

Unexpectedly, he was nailed to the spot by his rival one step ahead of when he was about to act.

But Fu Ximing was not afraid. He was within the tower’s range anyway. The rival would not dare to casually rush ahead.

But this was just his wishful thinking.

The gangster saw two shadows glide to the spot under the tower then retreat. And with that, Fu Ximing was pulled right out from under the tower!

Fu Ximing lost his barrier as he left the defense tower.

He planned to retreat, but what the f**k, he couldn’t escape!

It was Qin Mo.

He applied his best move that hadn’t been used and rooted Fu Ximing in the middle of the ground.

The gangster was exhilarated. With his fists clenched, he yelled, “Kill him! You, the handsome guy, kill him!”

However, Qin Mo said to the youngster without raising his head, “I will trap him. And you can take your time and fight with him until he is finally killed by you.”