Chapter 386 - How Handsome Two Persons Were!

Chapter 386: How Handsome Two Persons Were!

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Why not directly kill him?

The four youths were at a complete loss!

If he didn’t kill the opponent, those who were dead would revive!

What on earth was this handsome man thinking?

The gangster looked at Qin Mo, and could not see detect any changes to his mood at all.

Fu Jiu clearly knew what the Almighty was doing.

He was standing up for her.

After all, the opponent was the son of that Three.

Thinking about this, with a smile on the corner of her mouth, Fu Jiu attacked Fu Ximing one strike at a time.

At first, Fu Ximing thought the opponent was playing badly, and could not kill him.

But when he recovered and tried to run, another frost spell came, freezing him so he was motionless!

“D*mn it!” Fu Ximing cursed in a low voice!

Fu Jiu began to jump over and hack at him, still with a knife, little by little.

The two men sitting next to Fu Ximing weren’t stupid. “This man wasn’t operating like this just now. Obviously he is using powerful maneuvers.”

Fu Ximing had begun to look pale, until the third time he was frozen…

Everyone understood!

Was… Was the opponent deliberately doing this?

Didn’t it feel like he was making a fool out of them?

The three students of No.1 Middle School did not dare to say this.

After all, they knew about Fu Ximing’s temper.

Fu Ximing was about to burst from anger!

After the fourth time, he burst out shouting, “D*mn it, how on earth do you have this many frosts?”

Actually Almighty Qin didn’t have that many frost spells. It was just that as soon as he saw Fu Jiu turn up, he directly bought ten frost spells to use first.

That was to say, from the moment that Fu Jiu had touched the mobile phone, Almighty Qin decided to abuse Fu Ximing in this way, which was the reason why Fu Ximing could live on to the present.

The four youths, despite their dullness, could tell that the man next to him was being deliberate in his actions.

After all… it was the fifth freeze…

The gangster looked at this and couldn’t help swallowing his own saliva. He began to feel glad that he had not fought with the handsome man.

This… this kind of playing method would make any man angry inside!

“D*mn it, what are you talking about? Hurry up and come here!” Fu Ximing’s face turned red. Just now he was coldly and proudly saying that he could kill the opponent team alone, and the result… was that he was beaten by tricks, which was really embarrassing.

The students in No.1 Middle School were also worried. “I still have nine seconds, Master Fu, you wait for a moment!”

Fu Ximing clenched his teeth, and when he was frozen again, he slammed the phone down!

The screen of the phone was broken!

There was a lull.

The game was still continuing.

The four men had no time to speak. They revived at last and had to hurriedly rush forward!

Fu Ximing directly ambushed another person, took his phone, and started to operate again.

He must kill those two men!

The gangster also realized that the opponents had all revived.

In fact, they had also revived, faster than the opponents, but they were so far from the opponents’ wall that they couldn’t get there!

He operated his own character hurriedly. “Don’t kill, come back quickly, everyone come back together!”


How was that possible?

The two men struck the frozen person down and rushed towards the other four players!

The hook, hit, and kill followed!

The constantly glowing light almost filled the entire screen!

With the two shadows moving in tandem, this excellent cooperation was like the sharp edge of a sword.

It was an instakill!


One more time!

Beautiful kill!

The blood-rousing game sound effects came.

Team wipe out!

How awesome!