Chapter 387 - Embarrassment

Chapter 387: Embarrassment

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Those chunnibyou youths nearby were already shocked, staring vacantly at the two words standing for victory.

After finishing the match, Fu Jiu casually threw the phone back into the recalcitrant youth’s hand and stood up with one hand in her trousers’ pocket, so handsome. She said, “We win, so pay the bill now.”.

If those who speculated on their official Weibos that Supreme Alliance might not be in the national top four witnessed such a perfect cooperation, they would absolutely shut up at once!

The Supreme Alliance, without anyone knowing, had already gained ownership of the most lethal secret weapon—the joint attacks of Qin Mo and Fu Jiu.

The four chunnibyou youths in the barbecue shop were really stunned. After paying the bill, the gangster pulled up a chair and said to Fu Jiu, “Handsome boys, if you allow us to be your apprentices, you will have our protection whenever you come to our school. Deal?”

“I am from No.1 middle school, but you come from No.2.” Fu Jiu couldn’t help reminding them, “We are not in the same school.”

The gangster first felt disappointed, and then continued. “Our school is near your school. Although we are not in the same school, we can also protect you. Trust me, if the leader in your school sees us, he will avoid us and walk away.”

Fu Jiu looked up at him. “Oh?”


The gangster couldn’t really understand him.

Were gods in the game all like this?

Didn’t they know about the sufferings and difficulties in real life?

“Whatever trouble you meet in your school…” The gangster still wanted to say something.

Fu Jiu interrupted him with a smile,”What type of trouble do you think I can get into with my skill?”

Just a sentence.

The gangster was suddenly speechless!

Em… they still wanted to protect him.

How could they forget how the handsome boy had performed in the barbecue shop just now?

Maybe… maybe the four of them together couldn’t stop him!



“Are you really from No.1 middle school? When did it have such a skilled player?”

Fu Jiu raised his eyebrows and responded seriously, “I am so outstanding. Of course I belong there.”

All right, the gangster was persuaded and said, “Anyway, today, thank you.”

Fu Jiu chuckled, “Don’t mention it.”

That four chunnibyou youths left first. Before they left, they didn’t forget to look back. They wondered who Qin Mo and Fu Jiu were? They could even beat professional players. How great they were!

As for them… Don’t expect too much from chunnibyou youths.

After the gangster left, the barbecue shop became quiet like before.

Qin Mo moved his head slightly and took a look at Fu Jiu. With mocking in his eyes, he said as nobly as before, “Outstanding?”

Fu Jiu sat up straight. “Compared with them, I am terrific.”

Qin Mo smiled. “Come here!”

“What?” Although Fu Jiu felt confused, she still got close to Qin Mo.

Qin Mo reached out his hand to pinch Fu Jiu’s handsome face and said coldly, “What thick skin my brother has!”

Fu Jiu: “…”

Qing Mo said that he enjoyed the youngster’s depressed look.

It was just that, in this position, the youngster’s knee had touched his. The face that was right before his eyes was much too white and nice.

Qin Mo’s eyes deepened and he pulled his hand back immediately, which made it seem like the youngster was infected with some virus.

Fu Jiu also stopped because of this action and raised her eyebrow slightly.

An embarrassing atmosphere that had never appeared before between them suddenly turned up…