Chapter 388 - Nothing Was Always Something

Chapter 388: Nothing Was Always Something

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On the other side.

Fu Ximing, who had lost the match, kicked the wooden chair harshly with his right leg. “They are no ordinary players!”

The people from No.1 Middle School didn’t dare to talk.

Fu Ximing didn’t know how to cope with failure. “Liu Zongming!”

“Yes,” Liu Zongming responded quickly.

Fu Ximing narrowed his eyes. “You will go ask and find out who was playing for them tomorrow!”

“Okay.” Liu Zongming agreed only verbally, but he knew how difficult this would be.

Those students from No.2 Middle School had always been better at playing games than the students from No.1 Middle School.

How could he go ask those people from No.2 Middle School?

But he just needed to think of other ways of approaching them…

Outside, it grew a little darker.

The atmosphere at the kebab place was stagnant.

Qin Mo didn’t know how to explain him suddenly shaking his hand away. The screen lit up at the perfect time.

It was Secretary Liang.

“Boss Qin, where are you?”

Qin Mo looked over. His low voice was a little rusty for no reason. “What’s happening?”

“Young Master Han is worried about you. He asked me to check on you.”

Qin Mo knew instantly that this was Han Feng trying to ease the tension between them, so he didn’t say more and only passed on an address.

Secretary Liang paused. “What about Young Master Jiu…”


Before Secretary Liang could finish, Qin Mo hung up.

Secretary Liang knew that Boss Qin had heard him, because he had paused for a second before reacting.

But he also knew something was not right with Boss Qin’s reaction.

Fu Jiu heard that Secretary Liang was coming. She didn’t say anything and just sipped on her tea for the last time. She slid one hand in her pocket and walked out of the kebab place with Qin Mo.

It was foggy and chilly outside, but the Christmas decorations along the streets were very heartwarming.

Fu Jiu realized that the Almighty wasn’t going to skateboard back with her, so she simply raised her leg. Just as the skateboard was about to roll out, however, she was grabbed around the waist from behind.

Secretary Liang arrived just in time to witness this.

Since they had a car now, of course they were taking the ride.

Fu Jiu’s place was close by, only a five-minute drive away.

After the young man got off of the car, Secretary Liang felt the awkwardness in the car, especially around where Boss Qin sat.

The neon lights reflected on the car windows. Secretary Liang could only see a blurry side profile from the rearview mirror.

Qin Mo’s fine black hair casually dropped down to cover his eyes. He was rarely like this.

Qin Mo suddenly shook Fu Jiu’s hand off only because, at that moment, he wanted to lower his head and do something.

Even he himself was confused by his huge reaction he had at that time.

He could see that the young man was shocked from his expression.

Although in the next second that guy laughed it off, like nothing had happened.

But with Qin Mo, that was something.

He kneaded his forehead with his hand.

Maybe he had been paying too much attention to the young man recently.

Qin Mo couldn’t fall asleep no matter how he comforted himself with such righteous thoughts. The dining room was pitch-black. He threw his coat on the sofa first and then took out his phone, wanted to text Fu Jiu.

He frowned as he was finishing the text up, wondering, since when had texting that guy become a habit?