Chapter 389 - All Big Brothers Acted Like This?

Chapter 389: All Big Brothers Acted Like This?

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Qin Mo’s fingers paused. Then he exited the texting app and pulled on his collar, still completely awake.

He looked at the time on his phone.

11:05 p.m.

Maybe, he should get some experience by talking with someone who had a younger brother.

Qin Mo rarely attend those business parties, but he knew that Boss Li, who loved to do business, must be awake at this time. With a simple slide on his finger, a call was on the way.

Boss Li picked up quickly, mainly because of the caller.

“Boss Qin, what is it? Calling me at this hour.”

Qin Mo had no time to chit-chat. “Is it convenient to talk now?”

Boss Li smiled. “Of course.”

“It’s about my younger brother.” Qin Mo paused a little and his voice deepened like the night, “I want to ask Boss Li…”

Boss Li heard about Qin Mo’s frustrations and laughed instantly, “We both share the same frustrations as big brothers!”

“Boss Li is saying that you had such an experience?” Qin Mo’s eyes were deep and mysterious.

Boss Li on the other end couldn’t see that. He acted like he had just found himself a best friend. “I’m telling you, when my younger brother was in high school, one thing I worried the most about is when my younger brother, who acted like my little tail, suddenly took some girl home and ignored me as his big brother. Therefore, whenever he got close to girls, I felt weird. It’s normal. After all, big brothers are like fathers.”

So this was it… Qin Mo listened attentively without saying anything.

Boss Li continued, “As for the patience you were talking about, when my younger brother was in his rebellious teenage years, he fought with me severely for some gold-digging little girl. I wanted to punch him so badly, but I didn’t. He is my younger brother, and I’m ten years older! What could I do? I could only yield to him. You know what, I loved teasing him the most when he was little. I played with his head and asked him to watch when I smoked, hehehe…”

Qin Mo listened to Boss Li’s experience seriously, thinking about another matter. Lots of girls were chasing that young man, but that guy would never fight with him for some gold-digging girl. That made him feel a little better.

But… He also would never give the young man a chance to get close to any woman.

In the meantime, this call had successfully convinced Qin Mo.

It wasn’t only him, every big brother had the same feelings.

But the critical difference between him and Boss Li was…

Boss Li liked to touch his younger brother’s head and face when he was 6 years old.

But Fu Jiu was 17 years old now…

Boss Li hung up. Still feeling strange, he said to the person at his side, “Even the mighty young master Qin of Jiang City acts like a normal person with little brother issues…”

Meanwhile, at Fu Mansion.

Fu Jiu walked out from the bathroom with a white towel on her head. She unconsciously wanted to get her phone, but she couldn’t find it…

And her laptop was not on her desk anymore…

“How much longer do I have to live like a monk?”

Fu Jiu lay back down and thought about how the Almighty froze Fu Ximing up and let her kill him little by little. She curled her lips up.

She was never protected like this before.

Fu Jiu laughed lightly. It looked like she needed to be the Almighty’s younger brother forever to maintain such special treatment…