Chapter 390 - Brewing A Plot

Chapter 390: Brewing A Plot

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The lights went out.

Fu Jiu, who had fallen asleep, did not know that the messages on the Internet had begun to go in a bad direction.

This all stemmed from the Kali Squad.

Today’s incident made them very angry.

The one who had the most resentful eyes was Liuli.

The incident with Fu Jiu picking up Qin Mo not only disrupted Liuli’s plan, but also caused her to be driven out by the Han Family.

Originally, she wanted to take advantage of when Han Susu was angry and say something bad about Fu Jiu, so that she would not lose too badly.

Unexpectedly, Han Feng did not let them get close to Han Susu. He kept saying that it was getting late and he would let them go home early.

In fact, his attitude was not like that.

“Captain, what should we do now?”

Liuli hadn’t opened her mouth yet when someone held the mobile and said, “Wait a moment, all of you take a look at this.”

It was the official Weibo, and the post they had sent before had begun to take effect!

Someone had begun to say, “Although I like to watch Spade Z play the game, he is not very nice and has such a bad temper.”

“Yes, his fans are a bunch of brainless fans. That’s enough!”

As soon as that person just finished saying this, the post was deleted.

When the post was deleted, that person was not convinced. “Administrator, why do you delete my post, da*n it…”

Then this person used very dirty words to curse.

Still there was someone comforting that person like this, “It is normal, my posts have also been deleted. I feel bad for original poster.”

What was more, someone left a message. “It seems that others left comments just to diss you. I think it is related to Spade Z, who always thinks that others have problems. This will turn fans into passerbys, and cause them to abandon him.”

“I am not a fan of Spade Z, but I am a fan of the Supreme Alliance. I think that the Supreme Alliance should reconsider whether or not to let Spade Z play in the national competition. To be honest, I have never seen someone else like him.”

It was just because of these people that the Kali Squad was excited to see the posts.

Liu Li smiled. “I said that we didn’t need to do anything in person. We only needed to offer some clues to them, and naturally some people would follow us. ”

“He deserves it!” The people from the Kali Squad were happy. “This useless Young Master of the Fu Family just needs a scolding.”

Liuli looked at the official Weibo one more time. “It is a pity that they didn’t scold harshly enough. After all, there are only a few people, so we really need to add a fire.”

“Captain, do you have any good ways?!” When the Kali Squad heard this, their eyes lit up!

Liuli looked at the mobile phone screen. “Originally it was best for Han Susu to do this. What a pity, it seems that we can only find the Fu Family.”

“Fu Family?” Some people didn’t understand. “What does it mean to find Fu Family?”

Liuli gently raised the corners of her lips. “It is not only us who wants Spade Z to get out from the Supreme Alliance. A few other people also do, such as his half-brother, Fu Ximing.”

The people in Kali Squad heard this, and said with smiles on their faces, “Captain means to give him the task.”

“He has a good mother, and can use group consensus to hype it up.” Liuli continued on, “You remember that there is no difference between the e-Sports circle and entertainment circle. What they say more will finally become the truth in the end… Find the time to send these posts to Fu Ximing, quickly. ”

“No problem.”

The Kali Squad would not be bullied by whoever like this!

Didn’t Spade Z think he was great enough to join the Supreme Alliance?

Then they would find ways to get him out!

The second day.

When Fu Jiu was woken up by her alarm clock, she finally realized that she was still a high school student…