Chapter 391 - The Rescue

Chapter 391: The Rescue

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Some time ago, due to the heavy smog, classes in primary schools, middle schools and high schools all over Jiang City suspended classes for two days, which screwed up Fu Jiu’s biological clock.

She sat up and yawned lazily. When she turned around, it was already ten past eight.

And their first class began at half past eight.

What’s more, in this disgusting No.1 Middle School, once someone was late, the uncle who guarded the school gate would directly record their names.

The national competition was only in three days.

So she couldn’t be disqualified over such a trivial thing.

Fu Jiu quickly washed her face, which really didn’t look like a girl’s. She agilely put on her school uniform and quickly moved through the traffic and crowd on her skateboard.

There was only ten minutes left…

While taking note of the time, Fu Jiu suddenly stopped the skateboard and looked in the direction of the school.

It was such a long distance away.

It seemed that she had to cut corners.

There was also a middle school student who went to school by bike. He was confused to see that a boy in the same uniform as he did suddenly turn around in front of him and went the other way.

It was almost time for class.

Where was this guy going?

Whatever, he was going to rush ahead and on no account could his name be recorded!


Fu Jiu pulled up her left leg and stopped the skateboard. Then she stood there with her back looking straight and handsome. She started to size up the height of the school wall.

Yes, Fu Jiu was going to climb over the wall.

There was a man who was selling roasted sweet potatoes near the back wall of the school. When he saw the youngster stop at such a place and stare at the wall, he twitched his mouth a little, with cigarette in it.

“Children nowadays are really…” They were even dishonest when going to school!

The wall was a little high. After a preliminary judgment, Fu Jiu started searching for a leverage point.

“Be careful of being caught by your school director!” the uncle reminded Fu Jiu.

She curled the corners of her lips and smiled, looking at her watch. There was five minutes left. It was enough!

Just as Fu Jiu was about to move her long legs, there was a loud commotion to her left.

There were about three to four students from the No.2 Middle School who were harassing a girl who was nicely dressed.

And that girl looked very familiar.

She saw her yesterday.

Fu Jiu looked up the wall on the left once again. Meanwhile, she observed what was going on over there.

At last, she decisively turned around.

The uncle beside her was surprised. “Eh, why not go over the wall?” He was waiting to see the boy fall.

Fu Jiu waved. “I’ll climb over the wall later. Let me rescue the girl first.”

To be honest, it was all because of the Almighty that Fu Jiu would meddle in the affairs of the girl.

According to what happened yesterday, that girl surnamed Han should be a friend of the Almighty.

Now that she knew they were friends… she had to rescue her first.

At that moment, Han Susu felt that she had very bad luck. She originally came to warn the fat stepsister of Brother Jiang not to have any extra thoughts about Brother Jiang, so she hadn’t brought anyone for help. She didn’t expect such a situation to occur. “Go away! Do you know who I am? How dare you to treat me like this?!”

“Beauty, what’s wrong with us? We just want to have fun with you, alright?”

After saying this, the man reached out for Han Susu’s hand.

But just as he moved, there was a gust of wind behind him.

Something was coming from right behind him which made him turn around in surprise!

He was amused to see Fu Jiu. “Look, who should come in but the useless upstart. He must have come to send us money again.”

Fu Jiu did know this man. She had been cornered and forced to give money to him several times in the past.

They had conflicts before, so there was no need to say anything else.

“Come on, I don’t have much time. There’s only three minutes left!”