Chapter 392 - Handsome Highness Jiu

Chapter 392: Handsome Highness Jiu

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“Whoah, saying it as though you are something.”

The people from No.2 Middle School were amused as soon as they heard that.

Fu Jiu said in a light voice, “You have two choices. One, you guys leave. Otherwise, fight. Which one do you choose?”

“Of course, we fight! We will beat the hell out of you!” one of them said with a ferocious look.

Han Susu looked at the handsome silver-haired youngster, and pulled up her zipper before walking over. With this intense atmosphere, even a smile looked ferocious!

“I’m gonna f**k you over! To think trash like you wants to resist…” Without finishing his sentence, his knee was kicked hard!

Fu Jiu said it was three minutes, and three minutes it was. The kick hit high and was delivered with immense strength.


One was already taken down.

The one who took the lead didn’t give up. Seizing the opportunity while Fu Jiu was kicking, he grabbed Fu Jiu’s skateboard, and smashed at Fu Jiu’s back.

She would definitely be severely injured if she was hit!

But she was Fu Jiu. How could Fu Jiu be hit?

With a beautiful turn to the side and the deliverance of a side kick, even Fu Jiu’s uniform swept up a shrilling wind. Bang!

The guy was directly kicked to the wall.

The skateboard automatically came back to Fu Jiu’s feet.

Han Susu was watching nearby. She didn’t know when it was that her eyes were peeled onto the youngster’s back.

She had never seen such a handsome person fight!

The two No.2 Middle School students were made to kneel down. Another one was hurt on the face and the one who took the lead was dizzy.

But Fu Jiu wasn’t hurt at all as she held onto her skateboard with a slight smile. Her handsomeness was unparalleled. “Who’s the trash you were talking about? I’ll give you guys three seconds to get out of my sight. Otherwise, I will carry on the beating.”

Those who had been kicked were in real pain.

The four got together and thought about the situation. They had to get reinforcements!

“F*ck! You just wait for us!”

As the leader ran away, he didn’t forget to turn his head around and point at Fu Jiu.

Fu Jiu mused at how she was it possible for her to wait for them—she needed to be in class in two and a half minutes.

She turned around, got on the skateboard and prepared to leave.

Han Susu was still reeling in her mesmerization of the youngster’s side profile, her heartbeats seemingly not her own. Upon seeing Fu Jiu leave, Han Susu anxiously reached out her hand and caught the youngster’s uniform. Her face was blushing red as she said, “I… I really need to thank you for this. It was my fault yesterday. Well, how about I treating you a meal?”

“There’s no need.” Fu Jiu pulled her uniform back, and with a nonchalant expression, she said, “I did it because of Brother Mo.”

For Fu Jiu, she didn’t want to have any relationship with this kind of girl.

Though in Fu Jiu’s mind, she still believed girls were all very cute.

But she would stay away from such girls.

Little did Fu Jiu know that the more she acted like this, the more handsome Han Susu thought the youngster was. Her face burned more intensely.

However, Fu Jiu had no time to bother about such matters.

There was less than two minutes left. She immediately held the skateboard under her arm and kicked powerfully at the poplar tree nearby with her long leg, then using the impulse, she jumped directly on the wall.

“Beautiful!” A middle-aged man selling sweet potatoes gave his kudos while he smoked.

His applause wouldn’t have meant much, but it immediately attracted the attention of the guard who was seven hundred meters away.

When he turned his head, his eyes widened as he pointed at Fu Jiu with notebook in hand. “You! The one standing on the wall! Which class are you from?”

It would be stupid if Fu Jiu answered him. She had deliberately put on her uniform hat without revealing her silver hair. Smiling at the guard with her head up, she jumped down directly, circled a huge tree and entered the Teaching Building. Her back was so handsome!