Chapter 393 - Almighty Qin deliberately controls himself

Chapter 393: Almighty Qin deliberately controls himself

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The guard ran after her without saying a word.

This became a great chance for the students who were stopped outside the school gates. Those who were writing on the table rose in revolution. While no one was there, they just left the forms and ran!

The guard was dumbstruck by their escape. He turned left and right but had no idea about who to chase. He pointed at them with his eyes wide open. “Stop! All of you stop!”

What he didn’t know was that Fu Jiu was behind the pillar closest to him, and was watching his actions out of the corner of her eyes. She hooked up the corners of her lips, looking very sly.

It was impossible for her to have planned to be late.

But due to the strict management of No.1 Middle School, the guard sincerely believed her actions had severely influenced his job. So he had spent the entire morning talking to the director about it.

“It must have been premeditated. They planned to be late!” said the guard seriously, “The one climbed over the wall was the worst and he must receive a warning.”

The director of students asked without raising his head, “Which class is this student in? And what’s the name?”

The guard shook his head and immediately said, “I don’t know, but I think he had silver hair!”

Fu Jiu? This was the first response of the director.

But ever since the last incident, the director became very cautious about things concerning Fu Jiu.

Not to mention the fact that Fu Jiu’s grades were the first in the school at present. Even if he just thought about Boss Qin… Boss Qin!

The director’ eyes lit up. He called Qin Mo’s phone.

As a guardian, Boss Qin left him a private number last time…

Meanwhile, on the top floor of the Qin house, Qin Mo, who was signing company paperwork, paused a little when he saw the caller on the screen.

Secretary Liang, who was standing next to him, was very confused about the caller… The director of No.1 Middle School? Since when did Boss Qin’s mobile phone have the number of those school directors?

“Hello?” Qin Mo picked up the phone and stood up next to the French windows.

The director told the whole story to him.

Climbed over the wall? Qin Mo raised his eyebrows when he heard this while his handsome side profile showed no change in expression.

After the director finished his recounting of the story, Qin Mo spoke slowly, “Director Li, are you sure it was my brother?”

“Yes. The guard said the man climbed over the wall seemed to have silver hair and Fu Jiu is the only student in No.1 Middle School who hasn’t dyed the hair back.” Not knowing that they were being tricked verbally, the guard even nodded when Director Li said this.

Qin Mo smiled. “Seemed? That is to say, you aren’t so sure about it yourself, am I right, Director Li?”

“This…” Director Li was about to say something more.

Qin Mo said in a light voice, “My brother is very obedient and enjoys learning, he wouldn’t climb over the wall.”

Obedient and enjoys learning?

Whether it was Director Li over the phone or Secretary Liang next to him, all of them wanted to ask Boss Qin when they heard his remarks, “Don’t you feel a tinge of guilt saying something like that?”

Fu Jiu, who requested time off from school all the time, was obedient and enjoyed learning?

Don’t lie to us just because we aren’t highly educated 1 !

No matter how pointed Secretary Liang’s gaze was, Qin Mo appeared indifferent. He continued and said slowly, “Director Li, so do you wish for me to head to the school and have a parents’ meeting now?”

“No! There’s no need!” Director Li instantly snapped out of it when he thought about this scene. “I’ll investigate. Yes, I’ll investigate again. The student who climbed over the wall might not be Fu Jiu.”

Qin Mo laughed again. “Then I’ll wait for Director Li to investigate and call me again.”

“Okay, okay.” What was the point of investigating? Climbing over the wall was nothing compared with Boss Qin coming in person for a parents’ meeting.

Director Li murmured inwardly, ‘Moreover, there was no camera, so they couldn’t find any real evidence. The person who climbed over the wall was good at finding dead corners.’

After hanging up the phone, Qin Mo’s eyes slid over someone’s Wechat. His younger brother did have skills. Climbing over the wall?

Secretary Liang looked at his boss who wasn’t pulling his eyes away from the mobile phone. He hesitated for a moment and asked tentatively, “Boss Qin, do you need me to send someone to the school?”

“No.” Qin Mo slid his finger and threw the mobile phone back to its original spot, with his side profile as handsome as usual.

Secretary Liang sensed something unusual again from this sequence of events.

Apparently, something had been wrong with Boss Qin since yesterday.

When there was no phone in his hand, he would glance at the phone.

After picking up the mobile phone, he would put down it right away. It looked like he was struggling to control himself. What happened?

Fu Jiu didn’t know that the Director had informed the Almighty, and was sitting in a seat in the back, yawning lazily.

But those from No.2 Middle School who had been kicked by Fu Jiu went to tell their leader.

The leader was still playing Hero on the mobile phone. As soon as he heard that his men were bullied, he was infuriated. “Who dares to challenge the authority of No.2 Middle School? Call the guys! We’ll stop him!”

The situation escalated. When students from No.1 Middle School got out of class, they saw more than ten students from No.2 Middle School standing outside the school gates.

Liu Zongming thought that these students were coming for him. Though he was called the leader of the No.1 Middle School, he didn’t dare to step out the school gates.

Since that group of students were standing opposite of the school, the guard couldn’t interfere.

Some girls always felt inwardly afraid when they saw such a scene.

After all, some of the people across the street looked menacing.

After Han Susu asked the driver to take her here and she happened to see this scene, her eyes suddenly widened.

That group of people were obviously the same ones as this morning… Han Susu wanted to get out the car, but was scared. The group had more than ten people and her driver was old.

These people must be here to beat up the youngster!

With a sudden thought, Han Susu suddenly sat up straight and said to the driver, “Don’t wait here. Drive straight into the school.”

She had to inform the youngster!

However, all vehicles needed to be registered when entering No.1 Middle School.

In that period of time, Fu Jiu was already already walking over via the main path.

She was still in her uniform, showcasing her slim legs, silver hair and handsome face…

Han Susu felt her heartbeats turn erratic again.

It was as though the youngster was the only thing filled with color among so many people.

What was not perfect was that there were too many girls behind him!

Looking at the girls around Fu Jiu, Han Susu’s eyes darkened.

Whatever, every school has people with obsessive loves!

Now the most important thing was to stop the youngster from leaving!


She was just about to open her mouth when she saw that group of people outside school were beginning to take action. When some of them saw Fu Jiu, they walked over menacingly, pushing others out of the way in the process.

Fu Jiu stopped in her steps. Instead of looking at Han Susu, she went straight past her and looked at the commotion nearby.

“F*ck! We finally found this trash!” The guy who was hit in the morning was more fierce looking than anyone. How he wished that he could pummel Fu Jiu flat!

Fu Jiu shifted her line of sight and gazed at the alley on her left.

If it were not for Fu Jiu’s movement, Han Susu wouldn’t have noticed that there were people there!

She was still in a daze when the youngster reached out his hand and dragged her behind him, saying with a nonchalant low voice, “Go to the guard. Quick.”