Chapter 394 - Benefactor!

Chapter 394: Benefactor!

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By the time Han Susu reacted, her legs had already listened to the youngster’s instruction and walked into the school.

When she looked back, all she saw was that tall and straight back.

The students of No.2 Middle School were obviously experienced at fighting. They knew how to besiege a person, from the left, right and front, in a total of three directions.

Unless the trash retreated, there was no way he could escape.

But wherever he retreated, he would still need to leave to go home.

As long as they stayed here to block his exit, they would eventually catch him.

This method was suitable for others, but not for Fu Jiu.

First, she had never thought of retreating.

There were chicks around, and she needed to let them leave first.

What’s more, others might not be able to escape out this containment, but it didn’t mean she couldn’t.

After all, she was not only Fu Jiu, but also Z.

The person the police also couldn’t catch——Z.

At the gate of No. 1 Middle School, there was a bustling commotion.

There was no words to describe such a scene.

A fight was definitely happening!

The guard had already made a phone call with trembling fingers.

Fu Jiu just stood there, holding a lollipop in her mouth while taking off her own school uniform and pulling a hood over her head.

There was a camera in front of her. Even if there was a fight, she should also pay attention to any evidence. She had to maintain her good conduct and academic results to avoid having her parents called…

When someone from No.2 Middle School saw that the guy wasn’t retreating and that his boss was still looking around, he shouted, “Brother Hu, it’s that one! That direction, by the school gates!”

When the boss turned around, his eyes burned with anger as he directly met the handsome face.

And then—he turned dumbfounded!

Oh my god, isn’t that the top player who helped them play in the match yesterday?

What does this mean?

He’s the one he was here to beat?

That was really f**king too embarrassing…

Fu Jiu also recognized him, and she raised her good-looking eyebrows. “Rebellious Chunni.”

The head of No.2 Middle School: “… What the hell is Rebellious Chunni!?”

“D*mn it…” The person beside him looked at Fu Jiu and wanted to lunge forward.

Rebellious Chunni stopped him with his arm and said with elegance. “Stop, all of you stop!”

“What’s the situation?”

Not only were the students of No. 2 Middle School at a loss, but even the girls of No.1 Middle School, who were originally worried, paused for a moment.

Rebellious Chunni coughed heavily, then approached Fu Jiu very seriously, with his voice kept low. “Are you the one who beat my men up this morning?”

“Yes.” Fu Jiu curved her thin lips upwards, her eyes emanating a chilly aura. “Why? Do you want a fight for revenge?”

Rebellious Chunni looked at this youngster, thinking of the beautiful skill he demonstrated at the barbecue shop as well as the other man’s demolishing skills. Somehow, he felt a chill down his back.

“How could that be, I am just asking,” Although he was a chunnibyou, he was very loyal. He turned his head towards his younger brothers and said, “Today, let’s go. This is the benefactor of our No.2 Middle School. Don’t beat him up! Later when you see our benefactor, be polite to him; otherwise, you will be offending me, Wang Dahu!”

How could the ones who were beaten up this morning take this lying down?


The girls in No.1 Middle School were also puzzled.

When did their Highness Jiu become the benefactor of Boorish Wang?

Did the two people know each other?

They had even played together?

This… atmosphere didn’t match.

Wang Dahu stood beside Fu Jiu, which really didn’t match.

Wang Dahu was a student with really poor grades, and it was written all over his face.

Fu Jiu… at the very least looked like a top student, being proficient in math, physics and chemistry.

“Everyone, come here to thank our benefactor.” Only Wang Dahu would do such a thing.

In this way, Fu Jiu became the focus of attention again. She could almost see the way the guard looked at her. It was very… hard to describe.