Chapter 395 - Recognizing A New Leader?

Chapter 395: Recognizing A New Leader?

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“Thank you, benefactor!”

Dozens of strong young men shouted, so loud that Fu Jiu wanted to cover her forehead.

Whoever saw this would think that they were recognizing her as their new leader.

Fu Jiu looked at the gangster–oh no, should call him Wang Dahu now. “I only helped you play a game…”

“That was not just a game!” the gangster said quite firmly. “That’s about No.2 Middle School’s reputation!”

“That’s right!”

There were even people supporting on the side. The mysterious world of No.2 Middle School…

Fu Jiu found this amusing. She curled her lips up and slid one hand in the pocket, while the other hand made a dismissive gesture. “Tell your people to leave, you guys will scare the girls off.”

“Scare the girls off?” Wang Dahu was surprised: “How come? We’re so handsome!”

Fu Jiu: … Looks like kids from No.2 Middle School had a biased definition about good looks.

“No, benefactor, let me tell you something secretly,” Wang Dahu added more seriously. “Every time we go out like this, the people all look at us. Girls from No.1 Middle School are good looking, but they never paid any attention to us. One of the main purposes of our coming out here today is also to draw some attention from them, and give them a chance to appreciate our handsomeness.”

Fu Jiu: “… Oh.”

What does that ‘Oh’ mean? Wang Dahu found it extra difficult to communicate with educated people!

Fu Jiu looked at him, then turned to a girl standing at the side without saying anything. Her voice was soft and pretty, “Were you scared just now?”

That girl blushed and nodded, then said excitedly, “Lord Jiu’s here, so we are not afraid!”

“Good girl.” Fu Jiu laughed slightly and walked back towards Wang Dahu, sounding emotionless, “This is called handsome.”

Wang Dahu: …

Holy sh*t, no girl had ever blushed because of him.

Such a difference, a critical hit!

Wang Dahu didn’t want the girls to be afraid of them. He turned back and scattered his friends, “Be gentle when you leave, smile.”


“Boss, didn’t you tell us to be cool, saying that girls loved cold men?”

Fu Jiu heard this… and lowered her head in silence.

Wang Dahu asked, “I will ask my benefactor about this, you guys go back and wait for my call.”

“Ok!” What Fu Jiu just did was magic in the eyes of those No.2 Middle School kids.

That was it?

The guards were all profoundly confused.

Wang Dahu said to Fu Jiu seriously, “Benefactor, later on, please teach me more about how to chase girls.”

“Sure.” Fu Jiu sounded indifferent.

Wang Dahu felt like he had just gained some great advantage and felt quite proud.

Then he heard Fu Jiu say, “You guys should have the same curriculum as us, right?”

“Yes, at the same speed.” Wang Dahu wasn’t on his guard…

Fu Jiu laughed lightly, “Good, then you take care of all my homework from now on.”

Wang Dahu: … Aren’t educated people all straight-A students?!

“What, you don’t want to?” Fu Jiu looked at his face and lifted her eyebrows.

Wang Dahu ground his teeth, “Ok! For the sake of chasing girls!”

“Since you are so sincere, I shall give you one tip about chasing girls.” Fu Jiu hooked her finger towards him, looking really cool.

Wang Dahu moved over excitedly. “What tip?”

Fu Jiu threw three words over, “Have a pretty face.”

Wang Dahu: …