Chapter 396 - School Prince of No.1 Middle School

Chapter 396: School Prince of No.1 Middle School

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10,000 critical damage!

Those standing to the side looked at the frozen Wang Dahu. They hadn’t heard what Fu Jiu had just told him.

Seeing Wang Dahu get utterly convinced by the young man, those who held negative opinions towards Fu Jiu quieted down.

Some people were disgusting, bullying the weak and chickening out when it came to the strong.

A while ago, they were still waiting to see Fu Jiu get punched.

Nobody expected… that Wang Dahu lost all of his sharp claws in front of Fu Jiu.

The fight didn’t happen and instead, they all showed great respect to Fu Jiu.

Compared to Fu Jiu, some of the boys looked even more cowardly.

Someone posted a picture of Fu Jiu on the No.1 Middle School Renren[1.popular website between schools] webpage.

Title: “One against a thousand, our No.1 Middle School Prince is boundlessly handsome!”

People made a great buzz commenting on that post. From that angle, Fu Jiu looked really photogenic. People would even mistake her for some anime character.

Fu Jiu watched the girls’ actions carefully. One would only understand such a situation after she really experienced it.

Han Susu’s attitude changed the most out of all of them.

She was still watching Wang Dahu walk towards the young man. Her heart was racing and she breathed slower than usual.

Her brother was right, she shouldn’t have judged the young man based on Sister Liuli’s words.

He used to look like a ruthless upstart, but now he was different.

Han Susu looked up with love filling her eyes.

Liu Zongming hid at the school gate for a while. When things calmed down again, he asked one student, “Where did those No.2 Middle School kids go?”

“They just left.”

“Left, why?”

“Fu Jiu was there blocking them by himself, so they didn’t dare to make any moves. There was something about Fu Jiu helping them with a game. I didn’t hear clearly.”

Game? Liu Zongming instantly thought about yesterday’s match and his eyes turned red.

Fu Jiu was such a traitor!

He reported this to Fu Ximing immediately.

At the same time, Fu Ximing also received what the Kali Team had sent him.

At first, rage filled Fu Ximing’s chest from seeing the most popular No.1 Middle School Prince post online.

That trash started to suppress him in every way since who knew when.

School-wise, he got better scores.

Game-wise, he played better.

Now he even stole the School Prince title from him?

How could the spoiled Fu Ximing bear such insults!

But now, he had these in his hands.

Fu Ximing glanced at the comments on the screen and showed them to his mum without hesitation.

Su Mei quickly came up with an idea after seeing this. The corner of her mouth curled up and she said with evil eyes, “Son, you really gave your mother something wonderful. No shareholder showed support for your side up till now, because they think that that fat pig’s son would have greater value since he’s one of the Supreme Alliance members now. But with these comments, he can stop dreaming about competing at the national tournament. Just wait, your mum will make him vanish from the gaming industry with these unsettling voices. Even the Qin Group can’t control some public opinions online. You are the one that they should’ve picked instead!”