Chapter 397 - Almighty Qin Picked Someone Up At the Fu Family

Chapter 397: Almighty Qin Picked Someone Up At the Fu Family

“Captain, we heard from Fu Ximing.”

That night, the Kali Team’s members were all sitting in front of computers as they turned around.

Liuli stood up. “What did they say?”

“Nothing more than what we expected.” That person smiled, looking indescribably proud. “Captain predicted everything correctly. Fu Ximing wants to kick that useless Young Master Fu out of the Supreme Alliance even more than we do. He told us to continue commenting and that tomorrow the entire gaming industry will know about this.”

Liuli looked down. “With this, Fu Jiu is over.”

“Who cares about his outcome. Captain, I know you are a kind-hearted person, but think carefully. If not for that Fu Jiu, the Supreme Alliance members would still be our friends, right? Once he’s gone, we can slowly fix our relationship with the Supreme Alliance.”

Liuli heard her teammates and looked like she was convinced, “Okay then, let’s do this.”

In fact, she was the one who came up with this idea.

She wasn’t soft-hearted, either. She was just putting on a show on the outside.

The National Grand Contest was in three days.

Now was the perfect time to kick Fu Jiu out of the Supreme Alliance.

Showing abilities that were too sharp would break a new online player.

To not understand this before joining the e-sport circle was foolish.

Liuli lowered her eyes. She would put an end to the so-called Qin/Spade couple now.

Even if that man was not hers, he would never belong to anyone.

It became deeper and deeper into the night.

Lingering fog — that would describe Jiang City almost all the time.

Han Feng was truly stumped by his younger sister.

Only yesterday, she was still calling Fu Jiu names, saying how petty he was, but today, she insisted on inviting Fu Jiu for dinner—to apologize, and to thank him. If not for Fu Jiu, she would have been in for a rough time.

Han Feng also wanted to have an opportunity to sit down with Qin Mo for a chat.

Now that his younger sister had taken a soft stance and was even pestering him, Han Susu would have created an unimaginable scene upstairs if he didn’t make the call.

Han Feng shook his head and passed on the invite through Jiang Zuo first, making sure he would bring Fu Jiu with him since the siblings wanted to apologize to them in person.

Qin Mo picked up the call while he was standing at the ceiling-to-floor window. His eyes reflected all the lights in Jiang City.

“Qin Mo, you there?” Jiang Zuo thought the meeting was impossible after hearing nothing from Qin Mo.

Who knew that Qin Mo would say emotionlessly, “I’m picking that guy up from the Fu’s, discuss of a place to meet.”

Jiang Zuo hung up after giving the address. He felt that something did not seem right with his good friend today.

He couldn’t name exactly what though.

Qin Mo retracted his gaze from the distance. He thought about how shocked and silly Fu Jiu would look with that lollipop in his mouth when he showed up at the door suddenly, and he couldn’t help curling his lips upwards.

Secretary Liang was watching from the side.

It has been a day… but it seems like Boss Qin hasn’t smile once.

Now he has such an expression because he’s going to the Fu’s?

Was he imagining things again?

Or was Boss Qin just too obvious!

The thing was, Boss Qin, have you considered whether those at the Fu’s could handle such a surprise?

Secretary Liang followed behind unconsciously after seeing his boss leaving.

Qin Mo acted emotionless and reserved as always. He wore a neat suit on the inside, with a pure black overcoat with a circle of fancy fur on the outside. He looked like the vampire royalty in Hollywood films, with his fair skin and deep eyes. As soon as he turned around, Secretary Liang scrunched away, and stepped back quietly…