Chapter 398 - The Almighty Was the Guest at the He Honghua's

Chapter 398: The Almighty Was the Guest at the He Honghua’s

The atmosphere at Fu Jiu’s house was quite peculiar today.

Yup, it was indeed peculiar.

Especially because of He Honghua. She was not making soup at the kitchen or walking around the house in her bright-red nightgown. Instead, she was sitting on the sofa.

Fu Jiu saw this when she came down from upstairs. As she looked up again, she saw that person sitting in the living room, she stopped in the middle of walking. “Brother Mo?”

Now she knew why her mum was acting so nicely right now.

The Almighty had a strong presence, especially when he had his black overcoat on.

Why did the Almighty come over without telling her?

At this hour?

Fu Jiu lifted her eyebrows in his direction.

Her mum pulled her aside and lowered her voice, “Boss Qin brought me lots of gifts. Jiu, should I accept them?”

They were not betrothal presents, so why was she so nervous?

“Why not?” Fu Jiu never said no to gifts from Qin Mo. She sat herself down next to Qin Mo after she finished talking. “What brought you here this late?”

Qin Mo looked at the young man. The heating system was everywhere in Jiang City right now, so it was really warm inside. Fu Jiu only had a white sweater on, and her face was pink from the heat.

From this distance, you could see the fluffy little hair on her face extremely clearly.

Qin Mo’s eyes deepened and he leaned in, sounding emotionless. “Nothing, I just want to learn from a straight-A student how to jump over walls.”

Fu Jiu: … Almighty, this is not how you chat with people, you know that?

“How did it feel to jump over the wall?” It sounded like he was simply asking if the smog was heavy today.

Fu Jiu coughed lightly, “I was just taking a shortcut.”

“And by coincidence, saved a beauty?” Qin Mo’s voice rang in her left ear, sounding extra magnetic and low.

Fu Jiu touched the bridge of her nose. “Out of convenience.”

“And became the new leader of No.1 Middle School by convenience too?” Qin Mo looked over towards the young man, and curled his lips up slightly. “Sharp.”

Fu Jiu laughed trickily, and slung her arm over the back of the sofa. “I’m just too handsome, it’s not like I can control it.”

“Since you are this handsome, I will check your next Physics score personally.”

Qin Mo stood up and looked down at the young man from above. Then he turned around said to He Honghua, “Auntie, since he came downstairs, I’m taking him away with me. If it’s too late, he will sleep over at my place.”

Taking… away?

Fu Jiu was confused. What kind of game was this?

Honghua was in shock too, but she was more surprised about the sleepover. Her facial expression changed, and she said immediately, “No, my Jiu can’t spend the night at another person’s place!”

He Honghua’s reaction was too intense.

The whole house quieted down.

Even Chen Xiaodong didn’t understand why the Madam acted like this.

Qin Mo looked over.

He Honghua realized that she was overreacting, and she explained hurriedly, “No, I’m just saying that his eye has just recovered. This won’t be good for his eye, and he needs to get up early for classes…”

It was not easy for He Honghua to make up such an explanation. Her chubby face was all red.

Before Fu Jiu could help her mother, Qin Mo spoke up. “My bad, Auntie. There’s no need to worry, I will take this guy back when we’re done no matter how late it is.”

Perhaps it was his upbringing and background, but whenever Qin Mo talked like this, his majestic temperament was even more obvious.

He Honghua was pleased. She liked this Young Master Qin, whose power overshadowed all of Jiang City.

Many people disliked and avoided her Jiu, instead preferring to have fun with Fu Ximing of the Fu’s.

Speaking seriously, this Young Master Qin was the first person to be a guest at her house… This, this felt really nice!