Chapter 399 - Making Out In The Car

Chapter 399: Making Out In The Car

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Fu Jiu didn’t understand why, the Almighty had only said some sweet words.

So why did her mum give her away to the Almighty like a package?

Was this… her real mother?

Fu Jiu finally had a taste of the Almighty’s real charm, which could conquer both the young and the old.

Her mum turned into a total auntie fan. As soon as Fu Jiu walked out, she said to Qin Mo, “People who aren’t in the know would think that you are my mum’s son.”

“I’m obviously the nice one, compared to a wall-jumping straight-A student.” Qin Mo tilted his head and looked at the young man, then unlocked the car and lifted his chin, telling her to get in.

Every time the Almighty called her a straight-A student, Fu Jiu found it impossible to carry on with the conversation.

The two of them got in the car.

Qin Mo didn’t start the car at once. He looked over at the young man on his right.

Fu Jiu lifted her eyebrows. What?

Qin Mo looked at the young man. He had a black mask on, so only his eyes were showing.

He found him so likable for no reason.

Fu Jiu saw the playfulness in Qin Mo’s smile, but before she could say anything, Qin Mo bent over.

That minty sandalwood smell invaded her every cell without leaving even a trace behind, spreading slowly in the car.

Fu Jiu paused without a reason.

Those thin lips glided subtly over the side of face at such a close distance.

Their bodies were so close. Fu Jiu looked over at the Almighty, who was buckling her up. With such a tranquil temperament, his side profile would make people fall head over heels.

Fu Jiu shrank back a little unconsciously.

She was still clear-minded enough to know that when the Almighty took his hand back, his elbow could easily touch an awkward location if she didn’t move back in time.

Even though she had wrapped bandages around her chest, she still worried it would feel differently when touched.

Men had firm chests, but hers… was not very much.

When Qin Mo took his hand back, he was intrigued by how Fu Jiu held her breath. A smile was lingering on his thin lips.

Fu Jiu lifted her eyebrows. What is the Almighty smiling about? Why isn’t he going back to his normal position?

Qin Mo didn’t move.

Fu Jiu moved over to blow air near his ear.

Qin Mo was one step faster than the young man. He sat back in his seat abruptly, then looked to the side and said, “Behave yourself, get it?”

Fu Jiu eyes bent into a cheerful crescent as she blinked playfully.

Qin Mo didn’t pay more attention to this guy, who could easily stir his emotions up, and started the car.

The Hummer sped off as Jiang City became even foggier outside.

Han Susu had never felt this nervous before. She straightened her back and looked outside from time to time, and asked her brother about her appearance from time to time.

Jiang Zuo was a smart guy. He lifted his eyebrows and gave a smile with a hidden meaning.

Qin Mo and Fu Jiu walked in one after another.

Even Jiang Zuo was confused with his own feelings. He found that the two of them were such a good match together, and were equally handsome.

After Han Susu saw the young man, her heart beat even faster. She walked up to Fu Jiu and said in a small voice, “Thank you so much for today. I don’t have your number, so I asked my brother to invite you. I feel sorry for what I said to you, can you forgive me?”

It was obvious that Han Susu had spent a lot of time dressing up. She looked stunning and captivating with her perfect makeup and lovely face.

Han Susu now looked like a rich young lady, who was acting coquettishly.