Chapter 4 - Direct Face Smacking, Cool!

Chapter 4: Direct Face Smacking, Cool!

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With that smile, all the girls who came over to watch felt that their hearts inexplicably began beating irregularly.

The ones giving her trouble were acting differently, especially the girl Huo Siyu who was leading the others. She narrowed her eyes and looked at Fu Jiu with deep disdain. “I warned you the last time. Stay away from Young Master Qin. You really should’ve listened, but I didn’t expect you to still not learn your lesson. You even dared to come to this canteen. Do you want to be splashed with water again?”

She had long been unhappy with this nouveau riche, and the thought of someone like him having a crush on her Prince Charming made her stomach turn!

“Drag him to the restroom! Today I will make it clear to him where he is and isn’t allowed to go to.”

Huo Siyu was famous for being a bully at school. She usually used such measures to bully those whom she didn’t like so badly that they couldn’t even speak up about it.

It was said that someone’s head was shoved into the toilet.

Now Fu Jiu was in real trouble!

Sigh , he just got out of the hospital, and he was now going back in again so soon. It’s pretty sad if you think about it.

As people were thinking like this, they saw Fu Jiu kick Huo Siyu to the floor by lifting her leg while one of her hands was in her pocket.


Everything happened so fast that people couldn’t even clearly see how she did it.

When Huo Siyu fell on the floor, all of her organs were hurting. Likely, in her disbelief, her anger reached its peak. “You, you pervert, actually daring to kick me!”

While being cursed at like that, Fu Jiu calmly opened the bottle of water in her hand and walked towards her. Her other hand was still inside her pocket, and her thin lips were curled slightly. “All that you did to me, I’m returning it back to you.”


As Fu Jiu finished speaking,a full bottle of mineral water was poured onto Huo Siyu’s head!

Huo Siyu was shocked at first, and then she went completely crazy. “Fu Jiu! Just wait! You think School Hunk Xiao Xiang would let you out of this? Everyone in school is disgusted by you to the point of throwing up. He hasn’t beaten you up only because of how disgusted he is with you!!”

Hearing that, Fu Jiu laughed slightly, bent her waist halfway, extended one of her hands out, and patted Huo Siyu’s face lightly. She looked very handsome. “What’s the big deal, Sis. Listen, I’m always available to torture you.”

“You!” Huo Siyu felt the urge to kill again!

” Shh. ” Fu Jiu pressed on her pale lips with her index finger. “I’m not a very nice person, so don’t keep on pushing me to beat someone up. Also, even if I like men, I won’t like that Young Master Qin you are talking about. If he wants a battle, anytime is fine by me.”

Fu Jiu said this like she was dropping a bomb, before she walked out of the canteen like nothing had happened.

How should it be said? Noisy places were not her cup of tea.

After she left, two lanky figures showed up one after the other on the second floor of the canteen. It had the best view, but it was not a place that anyone could go to. One was leaning on the rails. Tipping his chin at the tall shadow behind him, he said in a deep, meaningful voice, “That person used to chase after you, saying that he will marry nobody but you. But at the beginning of the school year, he said that he would never like you even if he likes men. Question for the Eldest Young Master Qin, how do you feel?”

The one who was called out by his name was tall and stood straight. He had a handsome face, and he was leaning on the huge floor-to-ceiling windows with his long legs slightly crossed. Looking at the book in his hand with his head low, the whole view of the school was shimmering brightly behind him.

Hearing that, he didn’t say anything. He only raised his eyes up a little, and he looked in the direction of Fu Jiu…