Chapter 400 - Taste of Jealousy

Chapter 400: Taste of Jealousy

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Jiang Zuo saw the situation and smiled at Qin Mo, saying in a low voice. “It seems your younger brother has caught Susu’s eye. It’s like she has lost all desire for food and drink, and when she meets him, she acts so shyly in front of him. Well, the two of them are around the same age, so they would make a good match.”

“Would they?” Qin Mo’s thin lips were still lifted upwards. He always acted like this. No matter if it was in business conferences or in casual meetings, his perfect side profile rarely changed. He looked domineering and regal, a standard military descendant.

But this time, Jiang Zuo found his smile different. However, he couldn’t pinpoint what it was if he was asked.

The temperature around them seemingly dropped by several degrees without a reason.

Was the heating not working well?

On the other side, Han Susu was still trying to apologize, hoping that the young man would look at her.

Just one look would make her happy.

At last, her wish was granted. Fu Jiu looked up and said, “You should thank Brother Mo.”

Han Susu found the young man incredibly cool. Especially when she recalled the way he stood in front of her at the school, her heartbeat became erratic again.

She automatically ignored why the young man saved her.

Regardless of the circumstances, the other party forgave her.

Han Susu smiled and followed Fu Jiu into the private room.

Although they met at an entertainment venue, it wasn’t that noisy, with a good variety of alcohol.

Piano music could be heard outside the private room, while inside there was karaoke, sauna and food. It was a high-end private clubhouse.

As soon as they walked in, Han Susu took the young man’s hand and started to pick songs. “Let the big boys talk, what songs do you like to sing? I’ll set it for you.”

Fu Jiu looked at the Almighty. The trio did look like they had business to talk about, and they didn’t join them.

Qin Mo sat at a dim spot, in a lazy and relaxed pose. His tie was loosened and crooked, while his eyes unconsciously rested on the young man and girl who were other there picking songs.

He tilted his head and lit a cigarette, as if this was the only way to dissolve the depression in his chest.

That sense of depression came from nowhere, but oozed in little by little accompanying the singing voice that came from the side. It kept accumulating.

In order to disperse this frustration, Qin Mo tilted his head and fully concentrated on the talking Han Feng.

“I can’t control Susu.” Han Feng looked over and laughed. “She forced me to make the call obviously not only because she knew it was her fault, but after being saved by your handsome younger brother, she has even become milder in personality.”

Qin Mo didn’t say anything. He downed the drink in his hand as his eyes deepened as if this was the only way to contain the wild emotions he was feeling.

But the fact was, certain things could never be contained.

Han Susu was never a reserved girl. She was smiling and talking, asking about what Fu Jiu liked.

Qin Mo found her voice sharp to his ears and annoying.

He heard that the first daughter of the Han’s had a great voice and sang beautifully, but she had no interest about getting into the entertainment industry. The Han Family would not allow her to do so.

Qin Mo had once thought her voice was pretty.

But not today…

Especially when the young man looked over at her with his lips curled upwards.

Even Qin Mo’s grip on the wine glass tightened…