Chapter 401 - Writing You Into A Song

Chapter 401: Writing You Into A Song

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He only started to feel that… it might not have been a good idea to bring the young man here.

Qin Mo attempted to distract himself.

It was to prevent himself from failing to control himself wherein he would grab the young man and walk off.

Suddenly, for some unknown reason… he hated girls.

All the girls who tried to get near the young man looked like eyesores.

Including Han Susu.

Qin Mo knew very well that many high school kids in their rebellious phase would fall for girls like Han Susu.

This kind of girls knew how to dress up and get what they want by wheedling…

Did his younger brother like that kind of girl too?

As soon as he thought about this, Qin Mo’s eyes deepened.

Jiang Zuo noticed this and walked over.

He saw how those endlessly deep eyes of Qin Mo were abnormally focused on the young man’s side profile.

Those eyes…

Made Jiang Zuo’s heart sink.

He must be overthinking…

Then Qin Mo moved his eyes away without any change of expression.

Jiang Zuo mused to himself that he had to be overthinking things.

Qin Mo had been very possessive even from when he was little. He couldn’t bear the thought of having his own younger brother became someone else’s…

The good thing was that Fu Jiu didn’t spend too much time with Han Susu. After she finished talking, she moved away and looked at him while smiling. “What do you want to hear, Brother Mo?”

His frustration was scattered by the innocent light on that face.

Qin Mo flicked the end of the cigarette and asked, “You sing?”

Fu Jiu laughed. “I’m the current school prince of No.1 Middle School. How could I hold that title without a little talent?” In fact, when she was still Z, she used to disguise as a bar singer, but of course, she wouldn’t tell Almighty that.

“Then sing what you are best at.” The coldness in Qin Mo’s eyes faded a lot.

There was a story behind this “current school prince.”

Because the old school prince was Almighty Qin himself.

And some even predicted that no matter whether it was in the past ten years, or the coming ten years, nobody would be more handsome then Almighty Qin.

Until Fu Jiu showed up…

People even compared these two on the school’s intranet forum…

And that topic was so popular later it became an entire CP thread…

Fu Jiu found it interesting. She just didn’t know how Almighty’s face would look after he found out people thought he had turned gay…

When she was a bar singer, Fu Jiu sang a lot of songs.

She looked at that person who had been protective of her from the very beginning, then swiped her finger and chose a song by a famous Taiwanese band — Mayday.

Fu Jiu’s singing pose was like a professional’s. Her fingers rested on the mic casually as she sat on the bar stool, and there was a smile tugging on the corner of her mouth.

Unlike Qin Mo, Fu Jiu’s attire was always meant for clubbing.

While wearing a cool leather jacket and white washed jeans, with her silver hair and black earrings, nobody would never think that she was a girl.

She sat there like a magnet, catching everyone’s attention and looking so handsome that raced the hearts of people.

Han Susu looked at her like a fangirl. By the time the young man stopped singing, she still couldn’t take her eyes off him.

However, Fu Jiu’s eyes were on Qin Mo, like the languid summer sunshine.

“I want to write you a song, I want to keep a cat…

“I wish to go back into the past and slow down every clock

“At the crossroads of childhood and adulthood, we build a castle.

“We are good, so good, like a long lost pair of twins…”